5 Design Tips for an Unforgettable Guest Experience in 2022

5 Design Tips to Elevate Your Hotel's Aesthetic in 2023


As a hotel company, creating a space that’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests is ideal. Using these 5 design tips will create an unforgettable experience for your guests that will leave them craving more.


Understanding Color

1. Understanding the Color

Although it may not seem like it, understanding how to use colors when designing your hotel room is essential to building a comfortable space for your guests. Different colors can evoke different feelings from your customers. Red for example is more shocking and energizing, while blue can make one feel more calm and safe. Understanding the emotions that the color of your room can portray is a key point to ensure a great experience for your customers.

Following a certain color scheme is another step that should be followed to create a fancy and comfortable room. Dull, warm colors that are similar to each other can only add to the comfort of your guests, while bright, varying colors will do the opposite. 


Indoor Plants

2. Including Indoor Plants

Another step you can take to add to the comfort of your customers is incorporating plants and flowers in your area. Studies have suggested that indoor plants can actually boost the mood and mental health of those around them, so this is definitely a key player in keeping your guests comfortable. Choosing visually pleasing plants and placing them within the rooms of your hotels will give customers a sense of calmness. This will greatly affect the services of your hotel and ensure an unforgettable experience for your guests.


3. Choosing the right Artwork 
The wall décor  within hotels may not be a number one necessity, but that does not disregard its importance. The use of artwork and other forms of information rack within hotels can really add personality to your establishment. Artwork does not only add to your hotel room visually but also creates a comfortable space for your guests. Having different visual pieces can show your guests that you know how to design a room, only creating a great impression on them. 
4. Using the right window covers 
window covers
 A key factor that could change the atmosphere of your hotel room completely is the window covers. It may not seem like much, but there are many different types of window coverings that can change the light and look of your hotel room dramatically. For example, blackout drapery can give your customers a more serene and quiet atmosphere, while sheer drapery can make them feel more bright and more alive.
The color of your window covers is an essential part of your choice. Bright colors can give your room a more energetic feel, while dark colors could make it more depressing but calm. Choosing more neutral and dull colors can add to the comfort and safety your guests feel in your hotel. 
5. Keeping Things Neat and Tidy
Things Neat and Tidy
Our final tip is to have proper organization throughout your hotel. This doesn’t just include objects being folded and put away neatly, but the overall look of the room as well. It should be simplistic and not too cluttered. Colors, fabrics, furniture, and other details should match or look similar in some sort of way. Having different themes all around the room can make it look congested. 
As a hotel company, implementing these 5 design tips will help you create a space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Understanding the power of colors and following a cohesive color scheme will contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Including indoor plants adds a touch of serenity and boosts the mood of your guests. Choosing the right artwork adds personality and enhances the overall ambiance of the room. Selecting appropriate window covers can dramatically change the atmosphere, offering different levels of tranquility or vibrancy. Lastly, maintaining proper organization and keeping things neat and tidy will create a simplistic and uncluttered environment that ensures a memorable stay for your guests. By implementing these design strategies, you can create an unforgettable experience that leaves your guests craving more.
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