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        Additional Information

        The premium H series Canadian hotel supply washcloths are an excellent addition to your bath linen collection. They are extremely convenient and adaptable in their application. They're useful for everything from removing makeup to patting a wet face dry. It's critical to use a clean cloth every day to avoid bacteria buildup and ensure the cloth's freshness.

        It's a good idea to buy a week's worth of them because you'll be throwing one in the laundry almost every day.

        We do offer them in two sizes of 12 x 12 inches and 13 x 13 inches as well as in a number of pack sizes to suit every need.


        Size: 12x12'' (1lb/dz), 13x13" (1.5lbs/dz)
        Colour: White


        Super absorbent and soft. Our Washcloth is used to keep your face and hands dry and catches oil and dirt without causing irritation.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Soft, wash well

        I've been using these washcloths for a few months now and they are holding up well after more than a dozen washes. They are soft, have not shrunk much if at all, no discoloration and these are still in good condition. Price is good for the amount and quality.

        I would definitly buy them again!

        Great value for the money. We were so impressed the first time we bought these that we replaced all the wash cloths in three bathrooms with them! They are very nice, plush, and don't lose their shape after many washes.

        Willow W.
        Love it

        I use these for the everyday cleaning around the house and they are great. Decent size and are easy to wash in some water and bleach and they come out almost new. Price was also reasonable.

        Traci Y.
        Excellent quality

        These are fantastic! Thick, soft, strong, no fraying, very well-made. I�m set for a while! Was going to use these for my B&B but I�m keeping them for myself! Will order another set when I open

        Great Value

        Fantastic wash cloths for the size and quality