UV Kits for Professional Air Purifier. 12W lamps - 254nm, Dual Lamps life time: 8000hrs

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This UV Kit features 12W lamps with 254nm wavelength output and a dual lamp life of 8000 hours. Professional air purification is achieved by removing airborne bacteria and other particles, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Additional Information

One or more UV lamps with a 254nm wavelength are typically included in a UV kit for a professional air purifier. Because these lamps are made to help get rid of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and others from the air, they're a popular choice for use in medical, industrial, and commercial settings.

The 12W UV lamps that come with the kit are usually made to last a long time and can last up to 8,000 hours. Due to their ability to cover a larger area and emit more UV light, dual lamps can be used to purify the air even more effectively.

It is essential to select a UV kit that is compatible with your specific air purifier model when purchasing a professional air purifier. When selecting a kit, it's also critical to take into account the particular air quality issues you want to address.

Additionally, it is essential to adhere to the UV lamp maintenance and use instructions provided by the manufacturer. Because the effectiveness of the UV radiation can decrease over time as the lamp ages, it is essential to replace the lamps in accordance with the recommended schedule provided by the manufacturer. Because direct exposure to the UV radiation can be harmful, it is also essential to use the lamps in a manner that is safe for both humans and animals.

In general, a UV kit for a professional air purifier can be a useful tool for enhancing the quality of the air in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings. Nevertheless, it is essential to select a kit that is tailored to your particular requirements and to use and maintain the kit appropriately for maximum performance.


12W lamps
Dual lamps
Life time: 8000hrs


Can have multiple uses. It can be used to help kill off germs around the house, and used for tanning and skin treatment

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