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Shoe-Polishing Pads (Individual boxes)

Shoe-Polishing Pads (Individual boxes)


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Refresh tired leather shoes in seconds with our on-the-go shoe shine pads. Each pack contains 500 slim pads pre-moistened with premium polish and conditioners to revive scuffs and dull spots.

Simply wipe the individually wrapped pads over leather shoes whenever you need a quick shine. The compact size slides into a pocket or bag for discreet, mess-free polishing at work, the gym, airport, or anywhere in between.

No more messy tins or time-consuming brushes. Just grab a pad as needed to erase scuffs and restore a subtle, professional-looking shine. Our pads are the convenient, portable way to keep your leather shoes, oxfords, loafers and heels looking their best.


  • 500 bulk pack of individually wrapped shoe shine pads
  • Convenient and portable for polishing shoes anywhere
  • Restores scuffs and brings back shine to leather shoes
  • Each pad infused with natural shoe polish and conditioners
  • Mess-free application, no polish tins or brushes needed
  • Individually wrapped for easy handbag/pocket portability


Tired of bulky polish tins and messy brushes? Refresh and renew your leather shoes with our shoe shine pads. Each pack contains 500 disposable polishing pads pre-infused with moisturizing shoe conditioners.

The thin pads quickly buff away scuffs, rehydrate leather, and restore a subtle shine without greasy buildup. Just wipe over worn spots as needed to keep shoes looking neat all day.

The individually wrapped pads offer grab-and-go convenience. Easily stash them in a pocket or bag to polish up shoes at the office, gym, airport and anywhere in between. No polish tins or brushes required.

Made without waxes, acrylics or animal products, our vegan-friendly pads clean gently to maintain leather material integrity. Shoes will look revived longer compared to polish that can dry out and crack leather over time.

Go from scuffed to shined in seconds! Use our mess-free shoe shine pads to keep your favorite leather shoes, loafers, oxfords, boots and more looking polished anywhere, anytime.

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