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The Sherpa Blanket is the perfect blanket all year-round. One side consists of a flannel fleece material, whereas the other side is a fuzzy and fluffy Sherpa material. The duality and quality of this blanket offers maximum comfort to you and your guests. Not only is this blanket warm for winter, but it is also very lightweight and breathable for summer, too!

The aesthetic appearance of the Sherpa Blanket will not disappoint you with it being half flannel and half Sherpa, giving you the choice for whatever design you feel up to while wearing the blanket.

Additional Information

HYC Design designed this blanket to be convenient for whatever use you may need it for, making it serviceable all year around for all seasons whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter. Making the Sherpa Blanket light soft was a focus while producing the blankets to make sure that they are relaxing and comfortable for customers. Also being durable with the material used for the blankets will make sure this is a long-lasting product for whatever homes you decide to purchase for.

Perfect for late nights to help keep yourself warm and cozy winding down after long days, the Sherpa Blanket will not disappoint. This product is recommended mostly for Airbnb/home use or for hotel stock.

Get this product while it is in stock, with sales moving very quickly with the Sherpa Blanket.


• Dual-sided: Flannel fleece and sherpa
• Airy, light, and soft
• Great for summer and winter


Airbnb & Home
Leave this blanket around the house and let your guests enjoy it when needed! This blanket is perfect to throw on the couch or any lounging areas around your home.

Leave this blanket on chairs in your hotel rooms or as extra blankets for bed. Guests will always appreciate extra comfort!

Product Care

• Avoid tumble drying on high heat - try to air dry or tumble dry on coolest setting
• Avoid using fabric softeners
• Wash with cold water or delicate cycle
• Use mild laundry detergent

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