Duvet Down Blanket

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Queen  (White) 5
King  (White) 5



  • Fourpoint Diamond Quilt Design - Perfect if you are trying to modify your room to make it have a more luxurious and elegant feeling when guest are settling in.
  • Size: Queen/ King
  • Color: Snow White

Additional Information

A duvet down blanket is a type of bedding with a cotton or synthetic bottom layer and a top layer filled with down. Down feathers, which are the soft, fluffy feathers that are on the underside of a bird's feathers, make up the top layer. Due to its capacity to hold heat and regulate body temperature, down is renowned for its excellent insulation properties.

Due to their exceptional warmth and comfort, duvet down blankets are popular among people who live in colder regions. They are also light and ventilated, making them ideal for use throughout the year.

The coziness and softness of a duvet down blanket are among its primary advantages. The down feathers give the blanket a fluffy texture that feels soft and luxurious when touched. Additionally, due to its ability to mold itself to your body, down can offer additional support and comfort.

Consider the fill power, which is a measure of the down's quality, when looking for a duvet down blanket. Because it provides more warmth and insulation, down with a higher fill power is generally regarded as being of higher quality.


Size: Queen/ King
Color: Snow White
Design: Fourpoint Diamond Quilt
Material: Soft and Fine Fibre


Our Duvet Down Blanket is used as a blanket and can be used all year round.

Product Care

Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, then sun-dry or tumble dry on low when necessary to prevent any damage to the product.

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