Luxe Hydration Conditioner Amenity Refill - 5L

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This refill provides 5L of high-quality, professional-grade conditioner that's designed to strengthen and hydrate hair fibers. Its advanced formula contains ingredients like amino and fatty acids that replenish your hair's natural oils and improve its elasticity. Its use can reduce breakage by up to 50%, leaving your hair softer, smoother, and healthier.

Additional Information

A 5-liter conditioner refill is a large volume of conditioner typically used in hotels, gyms, or other establishments to refill dispensers. The amount of refills varies depending on the frequency of use, the number of users, and the size of the conditioner.

When choosing a refill, it's important to consider the conditioner's quality and ingredients. Some conditioners may contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that can weigh down your hair or cause buildup, while others are formulated to be lightweight and nourishing.


This refill is designed for long-term use - with five liters of Luxe Hydration Conditioner.

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