Product Care

After prolonged use or repeated washing, linens will change their colour, they are worn or damaged, the new ordered linens and old linens have a significant difference in colour, look, feel, etc. Some linens and speckled stains due to poor management, improper operation, such as yellow rust, black oil, for such linens the Housekeeping should promptly replace them rather than let them stay in the service process.

To take care of linen products, proper washing and maintenance will extend their durability. In general, the hotel reserves of cotton products standard 3-5 sets, depending on the occupancy rate of the hotel, laundry functioning of departmental budgets, and other factors. 3 sets the general minimum standard, a set in the guest room, a set in the washing process, another set of the reserves in the cotton fabric warehouse spare.


Life of the Linens:

Hotel linen has a certain life span if over the period of its results will degenerate linen specific case of damage following several:

1. breaking the small hole
2. edge and corner rupture
3. the hem off
4. thinning and break
5. the colour becomes cloudy
6. the softness of the towels reduce

Blended with 60% cotton, 40% polyester
1. the colour becomes cloudy
2. cotton portion off, leaving only the polyester exists.
3. loss of elasticity
4. edge and corner rupture
5. the hem off