PPE & Healthcare Supplies

PPE, Supplies, Healthcare products, and more- from Nitrile gloves and sanitizing wipes to Hospital grade bed sheets , we have a solution for all your requirements. 

Air Purifier : Looking for a way to provide proper air sanitization in the building? We supply air purifiers that are perfect for any hotels or Airbnb. Our air purifiers are school-friendly and child-safe too. We maximised its efficiency by using multi-layer filtration and HD displays.

Air Purifier Filters : We also provide replacement filters for air purifiers. They feature a multi-layered, anti-microbial design. They’re made to filter out dust, pollen, odours, and other allergenes.

Dispensers & Holders : We supply soap and hand sanitizer dispensers that are durable, reliable and that have a sleek design. Not only will they be useful but they’ll add a modern touch to your bathroom.

PPE Supply : At HYC Design we provide PPE Supplies ranging from disposable face masks to disinfectant wipes and sprays. We want to put your safety first which is why all our PPE Supplies are of the highest quality. All products can be purchased in bulk.