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We also provide for a large number of accessories and Hotel / Hospitality supplies including furniture and Art work. Have a look here and do contact us for any large bulk supply orders or for Custom requirements. ...

Hotel Accessories

Hotel Accessories

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Hotel Accessories : We provide for all your hotel needs. At HYC Design we provide Vacuums, Luggage Racks, Mirrors. Trolleys, Lamps, Bins, and more. We supply all the hotel essentials you could possibly think of.

Art Work : At HYC Design we supply art pieces to furnish your rooms. We have premade pieces and provide customized pieces to fit your needs. Contact us to find the perfect painting for your room.

Furniture : We supply modern and stylish furniture to make your place a more welcoming environment. We provide comfort and style with each of these products. Window

Coverings & Curtains : Our main goal is satisfying all our clients which is why we made our window coverings fully customizable. From the design to the colour, and even the fabric, we strive to satisfy all your needs with our range of customization options.