Here are a few tips on what to expect and how to most effectively contact HYC support:

What can you expect from our support?

HYC Design aims to offer high quality hospitality supplies and unique custom-designed products to hotels, resorts, motels, AirBnBs, cottages, and extensive consumers. Book a hassle-free appointment with us to help you figure out your needs for your business in the most efficient way possible. Our support team traditionally receives the highest ratings for speed, accuracy and effectiveness, so you can generally expect to solve your issue if it’s within our domain and power. We can discuss bedroom designs and refreshment solutions for your hotels, resorts, motels, AirBnBs, and cottages. Have your ideas and pictures ready before the appointment so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible.

What’s included in the support?

  • Answering questions on price and discount
  • Answering questions on features and functionalities of the item
  • Answering questions on product care & maintenance