Any type of furniture that you wish to customize, we can make it into reality! Scroll through our page to see what type of furniture we customize and get in touch with us when you are ready to place an order!

The guest room decorating design is a key business strategy and is what sets you apart from your competitors. The service and product quality is what impresses your clients and keep them coming back for more. A practical design for longevity and product durability is what sets your profitability. Having an in-house decorating design team, and in-house manufacturer enables us to control the quality, deliver the most cost-effective, innovative and practical decorative design solutions for your property. We also provide customized product solutions to follow your own design and incorporate branding that can be carried across a number of properties.

bed headboards

Here at HYC Design, we provide a variety of different types of bed headboards that are suitable for all of your guest rooms. If you have a specific style in mind, just contact us!

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Chairs | furniture | HYC Design


From dining chairs, accent chairs and comfort chairs, we have it all! By contacting us, we can show you the variety of different types of chairs that will suit your needs!

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For any type of gathering, we have the perfect table! We have multiple different styles of social tables for those casual social gatherings. We also have tables for conferences or business networking events!

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Sofas ensured to make your room as comfortable as possible! We have a variety of different styles of sofas that you can choose from, simply get in touch with us and we will show you the perfect sofa for you!

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