The little things matter!
Here, you will be able to find the accessories that we provide to all of our clientele. From waste bins, to house-keeping trolleys, we have it all! Simply browse through and when you are ready to order, give us a call or email us!

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Clothing Racks

An easy and simple solution for storage of clothing! We have a variety of clothing racks that you can select from.

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We have a huge selection of dinnerware for you to choose from as well! We provide napkin holders, plates, bowls, etc. The variety is endless!

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The simple and easy to use folding bed! The bed frame and mattress come in a variety of different styles and frames, just pick which one suits you!

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house-keeping trolleys

Easy and organized! These house-keeping trolleys come in so many different styles, simply pick which one is perfect for your needs!

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information racks

From magazines, pamphlets, to leaf lets, information racks are an easy solution to displaying information in a sleek way. Order one today!

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liquor trolleys

This trolley saves so much time for moving drinks from one area to another and looks nice and organized when doing so! We have a variety of styles for you to choose from, just contact us!

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luggage trolleys

These trolleys make it easy for you to move luggage from the lobbies, all the way to the guest rooms. We provide a variety of styles and rods, have a look!

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luggage racks

To place luggage and make it easy in the process of doing so. HYC Design has various selections that will perfect your guest room!

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For conference events, business networking events or social gatherings. The selection of different rostrums are endless!

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These stands are a great way of displaying information and easy to lift and will not bend! We have a range of selection for you to enjoy!

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Easy for closing off rooms or controlling crowds, all while looking stylish! We provide various different colours and styles to match your needs!

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Umbrella racks

To ensure that no mess or water will be on your floor after a rainy day! We have a variety of umbrella racks that you can choose from. Just give us a call when you are ready to order!

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Waste bins

We provide so many different styles of waste bins for you to choose to perfect your guest rooms. All to ensure that there will be no mess left behind! Contact us today to order some for your rooms!

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