Collection: Air Purifiers

If you need a variety of high-quality Air Purifiers to provide proper air sanitization, don't look further than our Air Purifiers we have to offer. Our air purifiers are compatible for use in hotels and in Airbnb, guesthouses, cottages, schools, gyms, spas, or even in old age homes and hostels. These HEPA filter air purifiers are school-friendly and child-safe too, complemented with additional features to maximize their efficiency with multi-layer filtration and HD displays they come in various sizes to suit every requirement.

All of our Air Purifiers are made from The Care Kit, they are sure to provide maximum satisfaction for any hotel suppliers. You can choose from either our Mid-size room Air Purifier, Large Room Air Purifier, Professional Grade Air Purifier, or Heavy Duty Air Purifier. Based on your hotel's size and needs, we have these different Air Purifier to offer. HYC Design has been in the hotel supply for over a decade, assuring all of our products are up to hotel standards, including our Air Purifiers.

They provide effective air sanitization for indoor spaces. We are wholesale suppliers in Canada for all hotel and hospitality supplies. Contact us by email at or by phone at (416) 661 0606 if you have any questions or concerns, or want to place an order yourself.