Reason behind brand loyalty

Brand Loyalty: Uncovering the Reasons Behind Hotel Customers' Repeat Business

As a hospitality service, your main goal is to satisfy your customers and retain them. Have you ever wondered how customers choose the hotel they’re going to stay? Or why they selected a specific hotel? There are a couple of reasons for that, which I will discuss in this blog.


The main reason a customer chooses the same hotel repeatedly is because of the quality of the room and the quality of the furniture. For example, they probably liked the bedpillow, or robe quality, which helped provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Or the repeat customers appreciated the quality of the food. That’s why the hotel supply you use for your hotels must be the best.



Another reason hotel brands have repeat customers is that they received exceptional service during their stay. For example, they receive their room service or any other services promptly. Or the hotel workers were able to answer any questions or needs that the customers had appropriately. the worker were dress well their uniform was neat and clean.  The hotel industry is all about serving your customers, so you want to make sure that your hotel’s primary goal is to provide the best guest service you possibly can. Also, it is good to provides special services that your guest couldn’t have imagined being memorable. Like some arrival gift representing your brands can be snacks or small jeweler. It can be something special that they will find entering their room. It will show that your hotel care about its customers, they will feel special, and you will be different from the others' hospitality services.


Loyalty Programs









One of the most commonly used incentives in any industry is using loyalty programs. Like, if you stay at our hotel, we’ll give you a certain number of points. Once you’ve reached a certain number of points, you get one free night during your stay. There are many more perks and discounts in a loyalty program. Nowadays, almost every company has a loyalty or rewards program, so your goal should be to have the best loyalty program there is in your industry to attract repeat customers. Everybody loves free services, your guest will want to come back and enjoy their gain

No matter what you do, your goal should be to provide the best customer service possible. That is what customers look for. This is what they will remember and talk about. That is why customers go back because they know they will be treated well, especially in the hospitality industry since the primary purpose is serving the guests.


To conclude, mixing good quality products and services will assure you to satisfy your guest and a satisfied guest is a guest that will more likely come back and probably bring other customers with him. Try to stand out and be memorable by adding special services, loyalty programs with bonus point to give another reason for your guest to come back several times. So, now you just have to invest in good quality products and prepare the best services plan.


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