When is it Cheapest to Book a Hotel Room?

When is it Cheapest to Book a Hotel Room?

When travelling domestically or internationally, the main expense of the trip is the hotel room. It’s an expense that many dread to make. However, there are many factors to considered when booking a hotel room, like when is the best time to book a room, when is the best time to travel, etc. So here are some tips and tricks to help you minimize that expense and get yourself the best offer.


Best Day of the Week to Book a Hotel Room

Best Day of the Week to Book a Hotel Room

According to Kayak’s Global Hotel Survey, the best day of the week to book a hotel room for international or domestic travel is on Friday or Saturday. Monday through Wednesday have the highest searches for hotel rooms. But as the week comes to an end, hotel searches and rates dropSo be patient and wait till the end of the week to book your room, you will thank me later!


How Far in Advance Should You Book a Room?

How Far in Advance You Should Book a Room

This one is a little tricky to calculate. But, according to Kayak, if you’re a risk-taker and like a bit of thrill, you should book 1-3 days in advance. The main reason for this is that most hotels have a 24-48 hour cancellation policy, and they tend to have cancelations during that time window. So instead of letting those rooms go unused, they bring down the prices. It can be scary but think about it that way it will be the perfect opportunity to get the room that you want in the cheapest price you could think of.

However, if you don’t like taking such risks, especially if you’re travelling internationally, you should book your hotel for at least one month. The best trick is to pick a couple of hotels you like within your price range a couple of months ahead and keep track of the prices, compare. Then, once you find a price you like, book a month in advance.


Times of Year to Avoid Travel

Time of Year to Avoid Travel

There is couple of times of  the year when prices for hotels and flights are at their peak. The worst time to travel is during the holiday season (Christmas, new years, etc.) and summer. Popular destinations for winter like Mexico and the Caribbean have incredibly high prices since many people prefer those places with nice weather during the wintertime. You should also avoid travelling to Europe in August since most Europeans have their summer break, so there will be a lot of local traffic and therefore prices going up. The best time to travel to get the cheapest rates is during the off-season for your destination.

In a nutshell, keep an eye of every offer, compare every website, every offer and keep in mind this information: non-holiday period, the best day of the week and when to book, and you will find the opportunity that suit you the best.