6 Must Have Hospitality Items While On The Go

6 Must Have Hospitality Items While On The Go

six must have hospitality items for travelling

If you are staying at a hotel, away from home and would prefer to avoid using towels from a hotel, invest in your own towels that are equivalent to top-quality luxurious towels. These hospitality towels are designed for thickness and absorption with a soft touch. Manufactured for excellence as it contains 100% cotton yarn. All white 4-striped series features four jacquard stripes. Regardless of what type of towel you are looking for, we carry an abundance from a washcloth, hand towel, bath towel and more. Check out some here

Another hospitality item that is needed is a hand sanitizer. Since COVID-19, hand sanitizers have become a popular item to carry on while on the go. If you were to use a hand sanitizer pump at a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or elsewhere the quality won’t be the greatest. Typically the quality of these hand sanitizer varies as it could be a gel base form or too foamy. However, this isn’t the case at HYC Design as our hand sanitizer collection kills 99.9% of bacteria while maintaining its gel base form. Made with 70% Ethanol Alcohol, natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. We have many sizes of hand sanitizers in stock for your needs. 

To maintain cleanliness disinfection wipes are a great hospitality item that all users from businesses to customers can benefit from. Disinfection wipes are a great way to maintain clean hands and items around you, it gets rid of germs and stains. Our wipes are easy to carry when travelling and convenient to use as it comes within a pack of 80 per box. 

Travelling with a designer blanket is a must. You never know when you will need it as we carry blankets made for all season round. If you are on a long road trip travelling across the country this makes the perfect item to carry for your passengers, you can also utilize these blankets during sleepovers or if you prefer to avoid using blankets elsewhere these blankets are a great replacement. These hospitality blankets are made for comfort and lightweight. It is extremely soft and durable. Customers can choose from many different colours and sizes!

With the breakout of COVID-19 business and customers have to change their day to day interactions with others. To keep your staff, customers and your overall health you shouldn’t think twice to purchase one of our facemasks. They are designed to provide breathability and comfortability all while keeping users safe. We carry both reusable and disposable masks. Our reusable masks come with unique designs and the disposable masks come with tons of quantity. 

When on the go comfort and convenience can be a necessity which is what we look to supply hospitality items to our clients. Bath slippers designed with extra comfort best used for lounging making you feel like you're at home. Another hospitality item that clients can utilize is the hairdryer bag. This pouch is durable and allows users to safely store hair dryers for convenience while travelling. For more detail visit our website. 

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