Is 2021 a Back-to-Travel Year for the Hotel Industry?

Is 2021 a Back-to-Travel Year for the Hotel Industry?

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The tourism industry lost an estimated $1.3 trillion in export revenue in 2020. The pandemic has been devastating to the hospitality and travel industry. The travel industry’s recovery has been deemed slow, as new COVID-19 variants are causing governments to continue the implementation of travel bans and other restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.

The major question is whether the hospitality and travel industries will recover in 2021. To help increase the surge in these industries, be prepared to see many promotions as the new year begins. Based on statistics, the hotel industry may not see a full recovery in Canada until 2024. Recovery is likely to take stages:

  1. Domestic leisure travel will fuel the first phase of recovery. Leisure travel is expected to return first, with consumers optimistic about the national distribution of a vaccine and, with that, the ability to travel again in 2021.
  1. The second phase of recovery is likely to occur in Quarter 2, 2021, with small and medium-sized events.
  1. Business travel is expected to begin a slow return in the second half of 2021. Among frequent business travelers who are currently employed, 29% expect to attend their first business conference in the first half of 2021, 36% in the second half of the year and 20% more than a year from now. Business travel is not expected to return to 2019 levels until at least 2023 or 2024

During the tough time, it is extremely important for hotels to know how to face the challenge and cope with covid-19. We can not change reality, but we can find a way to adapt and deal with it. Here are some tips on how to cope with covid-19.


Safety first

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During the special period, safety is always the most important thing to worry about for both hotels and guests. Hotels have to focus on cleanliness and safety certifications, establishing new levels of sanitization methods, techniques and materials to make their rooms clean and safe. For example, sanitization protocols, social-distanced lobbies, temperature check points at entrances, and mask-only mandates. These methods can greatly slow the spread of the virus and protect customers.

 Service always matters

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Great service has always been a fundamental part of hospitality. The quality of service is the main factor in building a good reputation and gaining repeat customers. This will have a strong effect on how customers review your hotel. Making guests feel comfortable, no matter the situation, is and always will be the aim of a hotel and its staff. If guests are satisfied with the services, you will get consistent high ratings online, which really matters for your hotel business. 

Hotels should aim to provide consistent service and to meet high standards in every interaction with guests. Every guest wants to be treated differently; personalized service is necessary. For example, try to give a small number of guests extra attention during special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. Hotels can provide them with a cake with a card and simply write down the best wishes. This is a great way to build emotional connections with customers.

Use smart technology

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With the common use of high technology, more and more customers are starting to expect smart rooms where they can control the room temperature, lighting, and even entertainment through a mobile device or by voice. Using mobile door keys for added security is another new trend.

Interaction through a mobile device will be the trend for how the hotel industry works in the future. Customers do not want to spend time lining up when check-in, mobile check-in and check-out solves this problem. Using mobile check-in and check-out can not only save customers’ time, it can also save money for hotels by not having to hire extra staff.

In conclusion, make sure customers can trust your hotel to be clean and safe. Use mobile check-in and check-out to make the check-in process quick and safe. And think of new ways to demonstrate hospitality, such as making use of social media platforms, can help your hotel to adapt to the pandemic period. 

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