What is a top sheet? And Do You Need One?

Sleep Better and Keep Your Bedding Clean: The Benefits of Using a Top Sheet

What is a Top Sheet?

A top sheet is a flat sheet that lays between you and your blanket or duvet when you sleep.

Its main purpose is hygienic, it protects our blankets or duvets from any dirt, sweat, or bacteria that our bodies shed when we are asleep. With a top sheet, you won’t have to wash your blanket or duvets as much as you do your bedsheets, which is a great way to have your insulating layer last longer.

Even though a top sheet seems to be an extra sheet for just comfort nights, it truly does have a great purpose for you and your bed. On hot days, some people use their top sheet as a lone cover, it also gives you that extra soft feel when asleep.

One factor that is important when looking into purchasing a top sheet is the material. If you don't plan to use your top sheet as often and only on certain seasons, it is best to look into what material is best. There are a variety of fabrics that top sheets come in such as; Cotton, Sateen, Linen and even mixtures of different fabrics together. 

For a light and thin feel around the summer, linen is the best option. It has an airy feel, and it’s very breathable. For a thicker one that could be more useful as an extra layer in the winter, Percale top sheets are recommended. And for a top sheet you can use anytime of the year, cotton is the best choice. 

What are the pros of having a top sheet while sleeping? 

There are many benefits of having a top sheet, or to even just have with you just in case. Here are some pros of having a top sheet while sleeping:

First, top sheets are a great way to protect your blanket or duvet from any bacteria or sweat. Without a top sheet, there could be a chance of build up of bacteria and fungi over time. Every minute of the day we lose about 30 to 40 thousand dead skin cells which then end up in your bed. Washing duvets/comforters with buildup is hard and are costly. Without a top sheet, your duvet/comforter should be washed as much as your bedsheets. With a top sheet it can protect your duvets/comforters from all that buildup keeping them clean, and you won't have to wash as much as your bedsheets. This saves money and time!

A second benefit of having a top sheet is that they are great covers on their own. In the summer, it can get pretty hot at night, and you may still want a blanket that's not too thick. Top sheets are breathable and even regulate temperature. This will keep you nice and cool the whole night. During winter, if you’d like an extra cover with your duvet/comforter, a top sheet would be the best option for a warm and cozy night.

Finally, a top sheet could prolong the life of your duvets/comforters. A duvet or comforter is pretty expensive, especially if you want one that is thick and has good quality. Without a top sheet, you’ll have to wash your sheets more than you should, which could wash out your good sheets and even damage them. Yikes! By having a good top sheet with you, you don’t have to worry about a new duvet cover!


top sheet

Top sheets of course have a purpose, but some people don't feel the same way. Others find that top sheets aren't necessary and that they are just an extra layer to fix up in the morning. The decision to have a top sheet in your Bed or closet is up to you and your sleep preference. Most companies have stopped selling top sheets with their sets, but still offer them separately. Just know without a top sheet, it is recommended that you treat your duvet/comforter like your sheets when it comes to washing!

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