What do hotel guests care about?

Since the spread of COVID-19 last year , the Hotel industry has been hit bad. During these tough times, it is especially essential to know what your guests  care about . Knowing what customers are looking for and what matters most to them can help you to stand out from your competitors. Here are some factors guests will care about when they stay at hotel.

Safety really matters

With the impact of covid-19, guests always put safety for their first priority. Hotels trend to focus on sanitization protocols, social-distanced lobbies, temperature check points at entrances and mask-only mandates. Guests are looking for new levels of sanitization methods, techniques and materials to make their room clean and safe. Provide high-quality PPE products for customers is necessary during the special period.

Provide authentic service

Great service has always been a fundamental part of hospitality, the quality of service is the main factor to build good reputation and gain repeat customers. This will have a strong effect on how customers will review your hotel. If customers are satisfied with the services, you will get consistent high ratings online which really matters for your hotel business. Hotels should aim to provide consistent service and to meet high standards in every interaction with guests. Every guest wants to be treated differently, try to give a small number of guests extra attention during special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. You can provide them a cake with a card simply write down your best wishes, they will feel great for the personalized service. This a great way to build emotional connection with customers.

Comfortable bed

Customers are looking for a comfortable and high-quality sleep when they choose hotel. A good rest during the night is the fundamental need for guests. A high-quality bed provides customers a peaceful night’s sleep. A comfortable bed includes a durable bed frame, a comfortable mattress, high-quality duvet, pillows and bed sheets. 

Smart Technology

As the common use of high technology, more and more customers start expecting smart rooms where they can control the room temperature, lighting and even entertainment through a mobile device or by voice. Actually, many of today’s top hotel corporations such as Hilton are already working hard on implementing smart rooms, which would also involve using mobile door keys for added security. Interaction through a mobile device will be the trend for how hotel industry works in the future. Use smart technology can also save time and money for hotel, for example messaging staff through a smartphone is convenient for the guest and saves time. Customers do not want to spend time on line up when check-in, mobile check-in and check-out solves this problem.

Eco-Friendly Design

Nowadays travellers are seeking to support sustainable tourism. Many people are consciously trying to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to their hotel stay. So, it’s crucial for your hotel to adopt more eco-friendly practices so your business can stay competitive, attract more travellers, save money, and do its part to protect the planet. Responsible hospitality practices can be both beneficial to hoteliers and guests. For example, use water glasses and coffee mugs in the room instead of disposable cups, use automatic light switches and use solar power.

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