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The Power Of Reviews And How They Affect Hotels

The Power Of Reviews
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In marketing, there is a type of communication used on the diffusion process called word-of-mouth communication (or buzz marketing), and considering the digital atmosphere, it was coined as word-of-mouse communication and review is one of its forms nowadays. As a way for consumers to give their opinion and recommendation, reviews are also organics, which means you do not have to pay, have long-reach through social media or online travel agencies, help attract new guests, and can be your ally or your enemy, it depends on how you manage it.

Why reviews are important? 

As said reviews are ways to the consumers to show their satisfaction (or no), regarding hotel service, it is a form for the guests to share their experience after the stay. This can be done through personal or hotels social media, travel forums, and online travel agencies such as booking.bom or Expedia.com.

Thanks to the digital age, their message can reach millions of people in seconds, if it is a positive review it can bring new guests, competitive advantage, and free advertising. 

Ally or Enemy?

One of the first things travelers do, besides “where to go”, is to seek recommendations or reviews of hotels and their accommodations, and their decision is based on what they read.
Another point is the power of viral, viral is a trend word associated with social content sharing and a review can go viral, which means that many people spread the comment and, depending on the subject, can bring a good/bad reputation to your business.
Make sure you listen to your guest, not only through surveys or suggestion boxers but also online. Here we talked about Social Listening tools and how they are a potent weapon for tracking your hotel’s reputation. 

How to generate good reviews?

There is no recipe to follow, but follow some suggestions to get five stars. 

Guest satisfaction
Guest satisfaction is the key to get a good review. Once satisfied, your guests are more likely to recommend your hotel and write a positive testimonial on social media about your service and their experience.

Act quickly
Tracking and proposing a solution quickly can convert a negative review into a positive one, in addition to preventing the problem from getting worse.

Thank your guests
Thank your guests for the positive or negative review, this will show them that you are aware of their opinion and recognize the importance of it to improve your hospitality. 

In conclusion, sometimes good service is not enough if a review tells the opposite of your service. Take the time to read what your guest said about your hotel, engage them, and show that you care about it.