How to Make a Bed like a Hotel

Hotels are mainly known for their comfy beds! I’m sure when you visited a hotel, and it was time for you to leave, you probably didn’t want to go back to your bed. So here are a few tips and tricks to make your bed just as good as the heavenly hotel beds. 



The main factor in getting your bed to feel like a hotel bed is the mattress you choose. It should be a high-quality mattress to match the luxury of a hotel one. However, this purchase will be a little pricey, so be prepared for that.

An alternative can be buying a high-quality spring mattress, or you can even flip the mattress you already own so the part that isn’t too flat down will be facing up now. Adding a layer of memory foam can enhance the softness. 



To really get the hotel bed vibes from your own bed, stick to using all white linens. The white linens really give off a clean, crisp, and luxury hotel feel.

If you want your bedding to feel silky and luxurious, make sure the linen you choose has a thread count of 300 or higher. That will make your sheets soft and comfortable to use. The fabric should be cotton, more specifically Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton sheet is porous, so there is better airflow to keep you cool at night. It lasts longer, and it is softer than ordinary cotton. This will help achieve your goal of creating a hotel-like bed. 



What makes a hotel bed so irresistible? The feeling of sinking into an oasis of confines. A pro tip is to add layers of comforters and duvets that help to replicate that feeling for your bed. Adding layers can help create that plushy look and feel. You can even add a throw blanket on top of everything. Just make sure to go for the 300 thread count mark, and you’re all set to go. 



Just like comforts and duvets, it’s essential to add layers of pillows to your bed to get that plush and comfy feel. It’s suggested to have two down fill or feather fill pillows and two fiberfill pillows. But this is all up to the type of pillow you prefer for yourself.

Hope these tips and tricks can help you create a heavenly hotel bed in your home.

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