How to design a hotel room?

When operating a hotel business, hotel room design is one of the major parts to focus on. Location and facilities are important for a hotel, but if the room is not comfortable and attractive enough, customers might not willing to stay. How the room looks and feels is a major factor the customer will consider when they are choosing a hotel. Customers are looking for an attractive, comfortable and welcoming hotel room to stay. Here are some tips that help you to design your hotel room and make your hotel room looks more appealing to customers.

Tip 1. Comfortable beds

Comfortable beds

The bed is the most important part in the hotel room. Customers are firstly looking for a comfortable and high-quality sleep when they choose hotel. A high-quality bed provides customers a peaceful night’s sleep. A high-quality bed includes a durable bed frame, a comfortable mattress, high-quality duvet, pillows and bed sheets. Here are examples of soft, durable and comfortable duvet, pillows and bedsheets.

Tip 2. Decorative style

decorative style | Hotel Supply

The good room style will make customers feel comfortable and peaceful. Bed decoration is especially important for hotel room. A good bed decoration really catches customer’s eyes when they choose hotel room. We provide customization service for bed decoration, you can design your bed to make your own style, this is a great way to appeal customer.

Tip 3. Lighting matters

Lighting matters

The lighting in a room changes the mood of a room. Using nature and warm lighting is a safe choice for all hotel rooms, this kind of color looks peaceful and makes customers feel relaxed. The room should be well lit, make sure there are no dark and dingy areas in the room.

Tip 4. Furniture


Only a bed in a hotel room is definitely not enough. Make sure that provide the basic furniture to facilitate the customers. The furniture should include a wardrobe, bedside tables, a desk, chairs, a mini fridge and a TV stand. If possible, provide a sofa in the room. The style and color also matter, make sure the color of the furniture matches the overall style of the room. The style of furniture should be simple and looks comfortable, avoid too stylish.

Tip 5. Use Art work

Art work

Creative art is a great way to attract customers and make your hotel stand out from competitors. You can use paintings to decorate your hotel room, hallway and lobby. Using high quality photographs is another great a way to decorate hallway and lobby. For example, use guest pictures or staff pictures with their permission is a good way to show your hospitality. For room decoration, the best way is put art works on the wall, this sets you apart from your competitors. We have various paintings and different sizes of paintings that will perfect match your hotel room. We also provide customization service which allows you to design your own paintings.

In conclusion, every room in your hotel needs careful design. No one wants to stay in an hotel with poorly designed rooms even though the hotel has great facilities. Hotel room design can be considered as a kind of art. Be creative and design your own style.

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