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How To Choose A Hotel Supplier

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Hotel Manager Picking Supplies

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There are multiple factors that go into picking the best hotel supplier and it s not always easy. What if the shipping order goes wrong? What if it’s too expensive? What if the supplies don’t come in on time? Fear not, here are five tips that will help you when picking a hotel supplier:

1. Consistent Quality:

Look at google reviews

Look at Google Reviews

First and foremost, the most evident tip, the supplier you chose to purchase from should always offer quality products that are always consistent. The products being consister is highly important and needed specifically in the hospitality industry. Customers tend to put poor quality and bad service hand in hand, simply one bad experience can have extremely negative effects on the hotel business. which is why it’s crucial to make sure that every product you have purchased works how they’re supposed to without any problems. 

2. Know Your Target Market and Their Needs:

Know Your Customers

Know Your Customers

This one is blatantly evident, if you don’t know what your target market needs, in result you won’t know exactly what to get, if your supplier even supplies the products your target market needs or if the product has good quality. While selecting the hotel supplier, the management should always has themselves these questions:

1. What do my guests value?
2. At what cost?
3. What will be the long term effect of purchasing these products? 

3. Make Value Your Main Concern: 

Value Frist

Offer Value First

There is a relationship between buying hotel supplies and the value that is received, making them both quantitative and qualitative products. According to Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the definition of value is: “value is systematic study of the function of an item or system for the purpose of identifying unnecessary cost, which can be eliminated without impairing the capacity of the item or system to perform as required.”This is essentially saying that the value of an item can only be defined, how the item works must be researched. The value of cost needs to be acknowledged as whether or not they’re essential or non-essential, evidently eliminating the cost of non-essentials don’t have much of an effect on how well the item or system works. Everyone has a different definition of value which is why it’s the hotel's manager to determine the definition of value for their hotel. 

4. Prioritize The Needs of Your Guests:

Meeting Expectations

Meet and Exceed The Needs and Expectations of Customers

One thing to keep in mind that is extremely relevant is that sacrificing the quality of an item for the price is never worth. You might think saving a couple of dollars is worth it but the long term effect of a bad quality product can cost you even more money than you tried to save. Customers deserve the best and if they have a good experience with the good quality items in their hotel rooms, they are more likely to come back to stay at your hotel again or even pay for the premium stay. A good way to decide what supplies you purchase if by looking at the supplies through the eyes of your guest instead of through the eyes of the hotel manager and ask yourself if the guests will link the supplies, if you answer know that tells you to keep on searching.

5. Pick Local Suppliers:

Source Local Supplies

Find Local Suppliers

When looking for a hotel supplier, you should always buy from suppliers who are situated in the country you live in over international suppliers. The reason for this is buying from local suppliers comes with less of a risk than international suppliers do for many reasons such as; they don’t have the same law and regulations as your country, you cannot claim in court for fraud or defective products. Another reason for why you should purchase from local suppliers is that they’ll offer you the best price on the products, they don’t require to ship the products from abroad causing the shipping prices to be less expensive and they are more likely to offer you products for lower costs

Picking a supplier for hospitality products isn’t easy, there are numerous questions that come into mind with it. That why at HYC Design, we always work with you rather than for you, the quality of our products are always amazing and providing exceptional service one of our primary focuses. 

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