The Best Christmas Gifting Ideas for 2021

The Best Christmas Gifting Ideas for 2021

Christmas is a favored holiday for many due to large family gatherings and the spread of love and joy. While Christmas certainly is a jolly and festive time of year, the aspect of gift-giving can leave many feeling anxious and stressed. But not to worry! HYC Design has helped you compile a list of potential gift ideas, perfect for anyone. Continue reading to solve all of your gift-related worries.



Bath Linen

Bath linen is a great idea for anyone, because who doesn’t need some new towels? Bath linen is such a large part of our daily routine, yet we somehow don’t pay much attention to it. Surprising someone with a high quality, soft, and thick bath towel or bath mat will truly improve the spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom.

When choosing a high quality towel to give, some important aspects to consider are the overall feel of the towel, the design, the absorbency, and the material. A great example of a good towel is HYC Design’s Ultra Premium Bath Towel. Its softness prevents skin irritation as the material of the towel is mostly cotton with a small amount of polyester. The polyester allows for fast-drying properties and is great for absorbency. It also has stripes running down the side to add a touch of design.



Bath Accessories

Bath accessories are amazing gifts since they allow people to wind down and relax after a long day of work. Overall, bath accessories improve the overall functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom. It's a simple yet exciting gift, as new bath accessories can really pull the interior design together.

A few items under this category may be slippers, robes, shower curtains, or even soap dispensers. Anyone will appreciate receiving slippers and robes as a Christmas gift, as these are a must-have! A soft, warm, high quality robe will keep your friends and family warm and comfortable all year round. What more could they really need?



Bed Linen

After an exhausting day, climbing into a very comfortable yet stylish bed is something we all dream of. Bed linen is a great gift to give anyone because beds are something that everyone uses on a daily basis. Most people’s beds look quite ordinary and plain, so helping them add a design element will definitely mean a lot!

Decorative sheets are a nice subtle way to add a stylish touch to a bed. Not only are they appealing but they go with any colour theme. When choosing pillowcases, it is crucial that you choose a soft one to avoid irritation and sensitivity on one’s face. Pillowcases with a higher thread count are ideal, as with bed sheets as well. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets!



Blankets & Duvet

We saved the best for last! The ultimate Christmas gift is a warm and fluffy blanket - especially for the winter seasons. The amazing thing about giving blankets as gifts is that they can use the blanket all year round! Whether you’re giving someone a duvet, a fleece blanket, or a duvet cover, everyone loves and needs a good, thick blanket.

With so many different blankets on the market, how do you know where to start? Luckily, we’re here to help! Two major components of a high quality blanket is its durability and its level of comfort. Some durable materials to consider are cotton, microfibre polyester, white goose down, silk, and more. An example of a blanket made of high quality material is the Velour Fleece Blanket. Made of 100% microfleece, this will keep your loved ones cozy and toasty for the holidays!




In conclusion, all of these gift ideas are perfect for anyone. No matter what you decide to get your loved ones for Christmas, always remember that it is the thought that counts! From bath linens to blankets, all of these gifts are a necessity to one’s home - which is why this is the perfect Christmas gift guide.