What is the best bathrobe for me? An in-depth guide on everything bathrobes.

What is the best bathrobe for me? An in-depth guide on everything bathrobes.

Here at HYC Design, we believe that one of the most important bath accessories is bathrobes. This means we make it our number one priority to sell the best bathrobes on the market. We sell a vast variety of bathrobes from budget-friendly ones to premium luxury robes. Now that you know what we offer it is time to figure out what bathrobe suits you the best. Here is a list of some of our most popular bathrobes and what bathrobe is best for you. 

Cotton Velour-Terry Kimono Bathrobe

The Cotton Velour-Terry Kimono Bathrobe is one of our best-selling bathrobes and the reason behind that is the 100% Premium Long-Staple Combed Cotton which makes the robe feel extremely good on the skin. The cotton is soft, super absorbent, hypoallergenic, and comfortable making it a great luxury bathrobe. This robe is very absorbent compared to the other ones and is perfect to wear when you are a bit wet and need to dry off. The robe is also very affordable and it is great value for the money you are paying. 

Plush Cloral Fleece Bathrobe

My personal favourite robe is the Plush Cloral Fleece Bathrobe. The bathrobe is made from super plush coral fleece which is a great material as it will warm you up very fast. This robe isn’t as absorbent as the last one but it certainly makes up for it with its premium fleece which warms you up very quickly. Another reason why this robe is one of our best sellers is that it is an energy-saving green product which means that it only requires 30% of the laundry time compared to cotton robes. So if you’re looking for a robe that is cost-efficient and of great quality, this is the bathrobe for you. 

Shawl Bathrobe

This bathrobe stands out from the rest as it is extremely lightweight. Owners of this bathrobe claim this robe is one of the lightest they own and it is perfect to wear on a relaxing day at home. This bathrobe is made with 100% cotton and is really easy to wash. The large pockets allow for easy storage of everyday items and the belt lets the wearer tight the robe to their liking, thus making it the best fit for everybody. 

I hope this guide helped you find the best bathrobe for you. No matter which one you choose we guarantee you will be satisfied with our product. Make sure to visit our bath section to learn more about pricing and sizing.