The Most Popular Hotel Designs

Hotel Room Design Ideas: Popular Trends for a Stylish and Comfortable Stay

What are the most popular hotel room decors?

Many people believe that the best decor can only be found in the most luxurious hotel accommodations, such as the presidential suite or royal suite. However, there are certain design elements that are highly sought after by clients and customers when it comes to hotel room designs. Here are some of the key innovations that guests wish to include:
  • Define the sleeping pace with a wrap-around headboard
  • Include a lounge area
  • Place your bed in the middle of the room
  • Put your bed on a platform
  • Paint a mural on the wall behind your bed
  • Include a small writing desk
  • Add a bench at the end of the bed
  • Create the illusion of a floating bed
Hotel interior design is an essential factor for customers and can increase customer satisfaction. You can see an increase in building developers and designers looking at hotel decor for inspiration. It can also act as a benchmark for the levels of service, quality, and comfort that a guest expects. Therefore, good quality hotel interior design is more critical than it has ever been. Hospitality interior design covers a wide range of duties and tasks, from the floor plan to the color of the walls and furniture and accessories style. These aspects, carefully curated and pieced together, can ensure a cohesive and unique feel in the space.

Best strategies for hotel operational savings

In the hospitality industry, customer service is the name of the game. This fact represents both a challenge for hotels to meet and an opportunity that hotels can maximize. The challenge, of course, is to control costs while keeping customer service satisfaction high. Bad service will lose your customers. The opportunity is unique to hospitality. Below are three ways to reduce operational costs while keeping high-quality customer service:
Stay on top of maintenance

According to the US Department of Energy, clogged HVAC filters can increase energy consumption by 15 percent. Maintaining systems will minimize energy consumption, extend equipment life, and reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic breakdown.

Improve your employees' experience

Employee turnover is famously high in the hospitality industry. That's a costly problem: It costs an employer an estimated 33 percent of a worker's salary to find, hire, and train a replacement. Start your valuable employees off on the right foot by making your hotel's employee onboarding as positive as possible. Standardize your onboarding with a process that helps employees feel welcome, understand expectations, and get up to speed successfully.

Take advantage of technology
The thoughtful and directed use of technology can increase efficiency, save time, reduce labor costs, and provide a positive experience for your customers. According to IBM, AI will handle 85 percent of customer interactions by 2020. This percentage is likely to be lower in the hotel industry since customer service is a significant component of our products.


What are the must-have tips to decor your Hotel Rooms?

For our final headline in this blog, we will be taking a deep look at the must-have tips and tricks that will help decorate your hotel rooms, making them attractive and unique.

Comfortable beds with quality linens

The bed will be the focal point of the room and an essential feature. You will want your guests to be able to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep each night, so you need to make sure that the bed is high-quality. This means investing in a reasonable bed frame, mattress, duvet, pillows, and sheets.
Decorative Style

It is usually best to opt for a simple decorative style so that guests of all ages and backgrounds can feel comfortable. Neutral colors and a few art pieces will suffice. You should avoid trying to make the room look too stylish.


Lighting is a powerful tool in interior design, so you need to consider this aspect carefully. The room should be well-lit so that there are no dark and dingy areas, and incorporating bedside/table lamps into your bedroom design can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of the space. From providing functional lighting to adding a touch of elegance and style.


A hotel room should always be comfortable and functional. You need more than just a bed. You will need to make sure that there is room for customers to move around their room easily, but you may also need items such as a wardrobe, a bedside table, a desk, drawers, a TV stand, and a mini-fridge.
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