Reasons Why Uniforms Are Important In Hospitality

Reasons Why Uniforms Are Important In Hospitality

Hotels And Resorts are all about hospitality and helping out their guests at any time needed. Your first impression is what sticks with your guests throughout their stay, and that matters so much. This means that your presentation for your guests needs to be impeccable, all little details matter to turn your guests stay into one they’ll never forget. 

Working in hospitality, you not only have to be professional but also have a crisp and professional look. Uniforms must be able to handle the long hours of an employee's shift and still remain crisp. Uniforms for employees should be breathable and also have garments for the different seasons. You may think uniforms are a waste of time and money, so here are a few reasons why uniforms are important in hospitality.

  1. Recognition

When walking into a hotel, guests need to be able to know who the staff are during their stay. Guests and management would surely appreciate being able to recognize staff and be able to identify their role with branded uniforms. A great way to have your guests and staff identify each other is to have branded uniforms which you can have a hotel supply customize to your liking. Without uniform, this could cause a lot of confusion with your guests and even newly employed staff. 

      2. Brand Identity       

Staff uniforms are a great way to advertise your company with your logo. You could have your uniforms customized with your logo, you could have your staff pop out with the colors of your logo or even have your company's motto branded onto your uniforms too. This gives your company great free advertisement even outside of your workplace. When an employee is on their way to work in their uniform your brand goes with them making others see your company. It is said that branded uniforms on your staff give you mobile brand ambassadors. 

     3. Employees Will Be Dressed Appropriately

When breathable, a great fitting staff uniform is put in place and a well professional standard is made. Managers or any superiors will not have any worries or any trouble with employees about a dress code or make any judgements about if their clothes are appropriate for work. With a uniform in place, there is now only one rule about the dress code, if the work branded uniform is not worn then it is not permitted. Without good uniforms, your employees may have discomfort and may even begin tugging on their uniform due to the sizing and guests  may even begin to notice. With perfect fitting uniforms, it removes the inappropriate factors of ill fitting uniforms and maintains professionalism. 

     4. Benefits For Employees

Uniforms are great not only for the professional appearance and the company but it also benefits employees. With uniforms in place it helps your employees in the morning and they can avoid the daily hassle of their clothing selection. Employees now don't have to worry in the morning about what to wear which removes the factor of them having to decide what to wear to keep up with any trend or styling. They are now given uniforms making life a little easier and helps cut down on their expenses for work clothing. 

      5. Defining Specialties

Uniforms that are designed for specific departments can be easy to acknowledge by the type of uniform worn. For staff in the kitchen such as chefs usually wear white, those behind the front desk are a little more dressed up for image, where maids and any other room staff wear uniforms for reasons such as dirt resistance. With uniforms designed for specific departments it can also help your guests know who to go to if in need of assistance from a particular department in any situation. 

Where to find high quality uniforms for your company? 

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