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Transform Your Room in 2023: Top 3 Design Techniques for a Fresh and Modern Look

The beginning of another year means there are plenty of new trends to help you perfectly design your room! Whether it’s your bedroom, hotel rooms, or Bnbs, these trends will be perfect to liven up the place. Many people prefer the interior design and products of hotel rooms, so much so that they search for companies that provide hotel supplies.

In 2022, we were all about mixing practicality and design to get the perfect environment for both our work and comfort as we continued to spend more time at home. How will 2023 differ from the previous years? We have compiled a list of expected trends for you to get inspiration from!


Black Accents and Hardware

A great way to add some edge and depth to minimalistic places is by using black accents and different hardware. Choosing light and neutral colours for the main objects such as sofas or chairs while using black accents to add contrast can really bring a new edge to a simple space. Not only does it help accentuate the area, but it can also bring a new depth to the surroundings. If looking to design a hotel room, the best hotel supplies for this theme would be a good hotel bedding supply and minimalistic furniture. 

Even if you do not want to get new furniture, just changing the simple handles of drawers to a black colour can change the appearance of the whole area. This can be applied to many different furniture like side tables and tv cabinets. As well, adding any decorative but simple hotel top sheets can add a little more flavour to any room!  You can even get simple striped wallpapers to change up the colour of the walls without going through the trouble of repainting everything. The contrast adds a chic touch to the whole space. 

Black Accents and Hardware

Biophilic Design

Since we have gotten used to staying home, there has been more of an emphasis on creating peaceful and calming environments. To create a peaceful space, natural lights, good ventilation, and plants are a must! As can be seen in the most recent trends. Creating a visual connection with nature has helped us create a calming space for us to work and relax in. Especially as we continue to get used to the “work-from-home” trend, creating multi-functional living spaces that have access to daylight and good ventilation will be very beneficial. During this time, large windows and ceilings are crucial to enhance mental well-being as it helps provide us with abundant daylight as we continue to stay home. 

This is also a very helpful trend for Bnbs. What could be better than creating a peaceful space with plenty of natural lighting for your guests? Natural light is both a great stress reliever and never goes out of style! Check out some of these Bnb supplies that would be perfect to create a comfy atmosphere!



Biophilic Design

More Houseplants!

Adding onto the biophilic design, it seems that wellness is becoming increasingly important to hotel designers, Bnbs, and homes. The best way to solve this problem was, of course, by adding plants to your living spaces! Not only do plants have a natural calming effect, but it also produces oxygen for us and cleanses the air. Hanging plants and vine walls are expected in both residences and amenity spaces like hotels and Bnbs. 

Adding plants also works great with the previously mentioned trend of wide windows and plenty of sunlight! Mix in some dark and earthy tones and you’ve got yourself a lovely and calming living space!


We recommend getting decorative yet simple top sheets as the bed is almost always the centre of attention in a room! Something like a brown wave style decorative top sheet would be perfect to keep it simple while incorporating those earthy tones to add a natural vibe to the room.

You can also make use of wholesale hotel supplies to purchase different products for your hotels, Bnbs or residences!

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