Must have hotel accessories

"Stay Ahead of the Game: Must-Have Hotel Accessories to Beat the Competition in 2023"?


As a hospitality service your main goal should be to attract and retain customers. In order to achieve your goal, you need to satisfy your guests and make their stay memorable. This goes from the services to the quality and comfort of your hotel design. It’s not just getting the best furniture but also making your interior stylish and different. The best way of doing that is to add accessories to your decor.


The first impression

Your interior must give this ”wow“ look on your guest's face and it starts when they first enter your premises. That’s why your lobby should be decorated in the best way possible. Add a place for gathering where your guests can just chill, a business area because a lot of people travel for business, a place where they can meet outside their room without going too far from their hotel will be good and show that you care.

Invest in elegant and useful accessories like racks. We have a variety of racks like umbrella racks where your customer can put their wet umbrella without it soaking their stuff. 

Play with color and design by adding artwork around the lobby that will perfectly complement your décor.


Create history in every room 

You have multiple rooms to decorate with different sizes. Try to have a theme proper to the brand, an identity so customers can identify your establishment and keep it in their mind. 

Add some artwork in the room, useful accessories like racks for their coats and their towels. Amenities products are also a good way to create that sensory experience and will be welcome in case they forgot and need some essential product . 

A lot of people take a lot of pictures, videos during their time away and it starts in their hotel. They might want memories, to show to their relatives or because they want to post it on social media. The décor and the light are for that reason important, you can invest in a Led Mirror and bring that modern touch to their room. It’s also perfect for an influencer content who always needs a lot of light for their photos/videos and therefore good for the hotel.

Invest in good interior design window coverings to play with colors and lightshade  window coverings can be fully customized

Try to be different

Investing in customized accessories and furniture offers a remarkable opportunity to infuse your establishment with a unique touch, showcasing your brand's personality. By incorporating bespoke pieces, you can elevate your hotel's atmosphere and differentiate yourself from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


We hope that advice helped you and that you are now ready to create a new, outstanding, and magnificent décor for 2023. Your customer will be satisfied if you show in your services and product that you care about their comfort and make their stay the least stressful possible with everything that they need available for them.  


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