Luxury Bed Sheets for you

Luxury Bed Sheets for you

Do you need help finding the right bed sheet for you? Don’t know what materials are the best option for the perfect bedsheet? Lots of people give up and just look for the most appealing one. We want to help! In this guide we will go in depth with what each specification is and what it has to offer.


Your t-shirts are made out of it, cotton candy is also named after it, and it’s the most common material used to make bed sheets. It’s breathable, easy on when removing stains (say goodbye to blood stains) and stays cool. Cotton sheets also soften up with time and washes while maintaining their durability.


With cotton it also comes in many variations.



With a lower quality than the rest of the other variations, this short-staple cotton is the most common variety you’ll find. Labels that read “100% cotton” are typically Upland, and while still fairly durable, aren’t nearly as soft as other types.



Supima, the trademarked name for American Pima cotton, is a close second to Egyptian cotton. Made with long-staple as well, this cotton is durable, high quality, and still luxuriously soft without as high of a price tag as Egyptian cotton.


With its elegant finish, spectacular durability, and resistance to pilling, Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton you can find on the market. It is made with an extra-long staple, the longest cotton fibre available. It can also be fairly pricey for the real stuff.




Satin sheets are made out of manufactured fibres and have an alluring feel. Adding satin sheets is an amazing way to spice up a room with some elegance. When looking for these types of sheets, take caution of whether the satin is knit or woven. Knit makes the satin rougher, while knit makes the satin more smoother.



These airy sheets will provide your home with all of the comfortable feels in no time. People who sweat while they sleep and are allergy prone greatly benefit from this as linen is hypoallergenic and has naturally cooling. While these sheets feel like the ideal bed sheet, it is stiff but does lighten up after time and washes.


Most real polyester sheets are rough, while polyester blends tend to be much softer and provide a higher level of comfort. These sheets are affordable, easy to wash, and wrinkle-free. If you’re looking for sheets you don’t need to steam or iron, polyester will be the best pick for you. However, despite its benefits including the inherent water-resistance, polyester absorbs oil and grease and will leave you with the headache of trying to remove stains, particularly white sheets.



As an environmentally friendly material, bamboo quickly grows and is commonly used to make other household goods aside from bed sheets. The process of making bamboo sheets requires extracting bamboo pulp and weaving the fibres into what’s called bamboo rayon (rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre). This fabric is softer than polyester or linen and is known to be wrinkle-resistant. Aside from this, bamboo sheets are durable, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Perfect for long use, allergy prone and hot sleepers.

The last thing you want to do is order new sheets and realising your hatred for them, then 

having to send them back. To avoid any painful sheet purchasing, keep these tips when buying:

  • Do you know the proper washing techniques?
  • Will it serve its purpose?
  • Is it the right size for your bed?
  • Will the texture and softness feel nice?
  • Are they sturdy enough to withstand what I’ll use them for?

If you do this you are guaranteed a great luxurious bed sheet for you and your guests and assure them they will sleep comfortably and have a great stay. Purchasing bed sheets will never be a pain ever again!








having to send them back. To avoid any painful sheet purchasing, keep these tips when buying