How to Style the Most Welcoming Guest Rooms

From Spare Room to Sanctuary: Tips for Designing a Perfect Guest Room

One of the most interesting aspects of home decor is showing it off to friends and family and getting a chance to welcome your loved ones in. We all aim to provide a memorable stay for our family and friends. The best guest rooms are uncluttered, comfortable and feel a little like home.

But it is also a place to put your own personal touch and make your guests feel like they're staying somewhere that's well thought out and intentional. The art of guest room decoration helps you decorate a welcoming room for your guests. Here are some tips to help you make the most welcoming guest room.

Create a Restful Space

Restful Space


The most important part of a well-decorated guest room is that it gives your guests a great night of sleep so they can be ready for a full day of sightseeing or quality time. High-quality sleep is the basis of everything, and it is the first thing to consider when decorating the room. In order to create a restful place for your guests, a comfortable bed is a must-have.

Don't give your guests the oldest mattress you have. If you can't afford a new or good-used bed, getting a quality air mattress is also a good choice. It will provide your guests with a comfortable place to sleep. A comfortable bed should also include high-quality pillows, a cozy duvet, and bed sheets.

Add Furniture

Hotel Furniture

If the guest room has enough space, it should contain more than just a bed. Adding a small desk or a bench at the bottom of the bed is a great way to give your guests the freedom to use the room for more than just sleep. With the furniture added, your guests will feel more at home. You may find Clothing Racks which will add beauty.


Make It Cozy

Hotel Bed

Make your guest room as cozy as possible. For example, add a bunch of throw pillows to make the place look relaxed and welcome. While aesthetics are important, textiles can make all the difference. Providing your guests with high-quality bed sheets, a blanket, and a stack of high-quality towels will make your guests feel very comfortable.

Always have an extra set of bed sheets and bath linens available for your guests. Accidents do happen. Asking for more can be awkward, but if there are spares in the closet, they'll never feel like they're imposing.  Don’t forget to prepare some toiletries for your guests since it is very easy to forget this kind of stuff.

 Add Fresh Flowers and Art Work

How to style the most welcoming guest rooms | Hotel Supply


When your guests arrive, welcome them with a bouquet of fresh flowers. This will make them feel very good. Pick fuss-free flowers with lasting power so they won't droop before your guests leave. Putting art work on the wall will make the room look much better and can also show your art taste.

When designing your guest room, don’t forget to work with the architectural elements in your home. For example, take advantage of the fireplace and create a wonderful focal point for the space. Changing up your small decoration items for the holidays will give your guests a festive feel during the holiday season.

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