Amenities for your hotel bathroom

Maximizing Your Airbnb Rental: A Guide to Affordable and High-Quality Bathroom Amenities

With the rise of popularity in Airbnbs, there’s a chance you’ve considered letting people rent out your place for vacation. A prominent struggle people deal with is finding bathroom amenities and supplies that still fit within the client’s budget. It might seem insignificant, but you have to consider some key factors. For example, what products are of good quality but that you can still afford to buy in bulk or if you can even fit all those products in storage? 

Quality & Quantity

When selecting amenities, you need to take both of these factors into account, not just one. You may think that quality and quantity don’t correlate unless it’s one sacrificing the other but that’s not always the case. Remember, price is not equivalent to quality; not every costly product will be beneficial to you. You need to find the perfect balance between quality and quantity. You can look for this balance when going through your budget and your required list of amenities.

A helpful tip when shopping is that you should always check product descriptions and reviews before purchasing anything online. A product review can tell you a lot about a product. No one wants to sell their product short however customers can share their full experience or takeaway of the product to warn or welcome future customers.

You may also able find Premium Plus- Personal Care Amenity Combo/package with 400 pcs.

Sorting out a Budget

As aforementioned, you need to find products that are not only high quality but also affordable. You also want to make sure you don't buy too much or too little of said products. Even if you have the budget to go all out, consider factors like expiry dates and storage; you're wasting valuable money on products that'll go to waste. When finding the right products take into account not only your but your client's budget. Don't buy overly expensive products since you'll still have to make a profit from their stay. 


Meeting your Guest's Expectations

This is an essential step for gaining more and more clients. By pleasing your guests you will gain traction from good reviews. Doing little things like having a clean and organized bathroom set up can go a long way.

The appearance of your bathroom is the first impression your client will have of it, make sure to pick items that match in theme or colour, make sure the room is well-lit, and keep everything neat and tidy. A good way to ensure customer satisfaction is investing in complimenting soaps and toiletries. Many clients are used to having free toiletries when staying at a hotel so it'd be best to do the same as well. 


Bathroom Essentials 

As previously mentioned, you want to provide complimentary essentials when running your Airbnb. Now you may have gotten a budget and a set amount of storage, but you may be wondering what products you should consider investing in. Here's a list of the following products you might want to consider purchasing for your bathroom.


Toiletries are the first thing you think of when you think of complimentary amenities at a hotel. Investing in travel-size bottles of various body washes will help you in the long run such as the following:

Soap Dispensers 

You also need to consider amenities that'll be permanent in your bathroom. You might want to invest in a shower gel or shampoo dispenser if you'd provide those rather than travel-sized products such as the following:

Towels & Bathrobes

Providing extra towels and bathrobes for clients just in case is extremely useful. Most hotels provide them already so this would also tie into complimentary services. They should also be of high quality since you will be reusing them for every new client and examples are the following:

Curtains & Mats

Maybe you're not even looking for essentials but I way to redecorate your bathroom. Go for colours that match, whether they be colours that complement one another or a fully monochrome room, you should start by finding shower curtains and floor mats that match such as the following:

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