How to Make your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

How to Make your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, customers care more about eco-friendly and sustainability when they are choosing a hotel to stay. The more you care about the environment, the more goodwill you will win from guests. Sustainable hotels significantly reduce their environmental impact through green best practices in maintenance, services, logistics, products, and supplies. The core elements revolve around reducing waste, saving energy, and cutting down on water usage.

Sustainability in the business world is essential to achieving growth and satisfying customers. Increasingly, consumers seek out green businesses and pay more for eco-friendly products and services. Especially during the pandemic, it is necessary to focus on sustainability. This will help you attract more people, but you can also save money on the electric bill.
Here are some tips that help you to make your hotel sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here are some tips that help you to make your hotel sustainable and eco-friendly.


Create your green team

Creat your green team.

Ask interested employees in each department to participate in a ‘green team’ to take the lead in suggesting eco-friendly best practices in their area. This gives these employees a sense of ownership of green strategies, and more commitment to long-term adoption. Don’t forget to acknowledge their efforts, such as with a small stipend, a special luncheon, or gift cards. This is the first step you can do.


Try to avoid plastic and paper stuffs

avoid plastic and paper waste

Stop using disposable cups. Just think how much waste they generate every day and how much these kinds of stuffs cost you every month. Replace the paper cups with real water glasses and ceramic coffee mugs. As from the perspective of a guest, it’s much nicer to use real glasses. Customers will feel more like home when they can have a cup of tea or coffee from a ceramic mug. Glasses and mugs also make the room look more expensive. Another good way is offering hotel reward program members a reusable branded bottle. Single-use plastic water bottles are a really big contributor to plastic pollution. Don’t forget to add a water-bottle filling station in the lobby.


Choose high-quality towels and bed linens

high-quality towels and bed linens

Towels and bed linens are the main consumption for hotel business. Make sure you choose high-quality towels and bed sheets, they will last longer and stay in good condition after washing. You can save a lot of money on hotel linens when choosing the right linen since you don’t have to change them frequently. Another thing to keep in mind is stopping changing towels and bed linens every day. There is no need to be changing them daily if your customer will stay for more than one day. Many hotels worldwide change the towels and bed linens once every 3 days or upon request of a guest. If you do laundry less frequently, you save water, energy, use less detergent, and spend less money.


Use more eco-friendly cleaning products

eco-friendly cleaning products

Purchase natural cleaning products such as Seventh Generation or Ecover. If you run a small hotel or a guesthouse, you can even start making your natural cleaning products. For example, equip your cleaning personnel with rags instead of paper towels and reusable dusters.


No single-serve, individually wrapped butter/ketchup/sauce/jam at breakfast

individual sauce

Things like Jam, butter and honey can be placed in a large dish with a lid, ideally, see-through. Provide little bowls for guests to take what they want. For sauces like ketchup, mayo, and other seasonings can be provided in glass bottles. You can keep a set on every table or on a serving table where everyone can take what he wants. Put jugs with fresh milk on the table instead of offering those tiny creamers packed in plastic. By doing these changes, you will reduce a lot of plastic waste.


Provide real plates, cups and cutlery

plates and cutlery

Real plates and silverware at breakfast make it feel homier. But, subconsciously, when people see disposable plates, they think of poor-quality takeaway food, which may spoil their whole experience. And, of course, you save money when you stop buying disposable plates and cutleries every month.


Use automation light control system

automation light switch

Many hotels use the keycard system to reduce electricity usage, where the power is on only while the card is inserted. When the guests leave the room, they have to take the key out, and the lights turn off. This automatically shuts off TV, lights, and appliances.