Spa like bath experience

Elevate Your Daily Routine: Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom Experience

As a hospitality service, your main goal is to probably satisfy your guest and make them want to come back. In order to reach that goal, you have to stand out in every aspect and services to be memorable in your customer mind. In this article, we are going to focus on satisfying them with their room and more specifically in the bathroom. We want your guest to be the most comfortable in their bathroom and feel relaxed and warm like a spa after using it. Let’s see how to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Click here.

1.The bathroom decor 

Your bathroom needs to be full of products and accessories that they may need and didn’t think that they need. 

Your decor must be bright, easily cleanable, and elegant.  Choose a color that feels fresh and clean like light blue, bright white, creamy white, soft gray, brown, or taupe. Those colors are famous, look good in the bathroom and help to feel relaxed. 

Add accessories that will help them in their daily use. 

First, a shower curtains, which are a must-have product to have in a bathroom as it is useful by avoiding water to drop everywhere, allow the person in the shower to have some privacy and add elegance. Look for shower curtains that is easy to install, lightweight, and durable. 

Other accessories to have in your bathroom: A mirror! But what about upgrading your typical mirror with a LED Mirror. This accessory will add a modern touch to your bathroom and will make you stand out. Having a LED Mirror will definitely make your clients talk about it, since not all hosting facilities have those. 

On top of that, you can add other furniture such as a garbage bin and racks for your towels or any clothes that they will need to put on to give this whole comfort to your customers.


The must for a bathroom is obviously to have bath towels accessible for your guest. Extra towels to be prepared for any needs or situation. For this spa feeling, I will recommend our luxurious bath towel, a great, soft, and warm towel that will make you feel like you are having a day in a spa. 

Our deluxe bath sheet is also a good choice for your bathroom. These bath towels are super soft and plush and are highly durable after repeated washes. 


 3. Bathrobes + slippers 


Bathrobes with their matching slippers are necessary for the spa feeling that we are looking for. It’s perfect for a chill morning or late night in their hotel room. That will keep your guests warm and cozy. It also shows that you care about your guest comfort.

The one that I will recommend is the Shawl Bathrobe, fashionable and cozy at the same time, it will help your guest feel warm and relaxed at any moment. It also comes with a different color in case you want to change from the white typical bathrobe look to nice gold or blue. 

Regarding the slippers, I will recommend both of our slippers: the white open toe hotel & spa guest slippers and the white closed toe hotel. Why is it good to have both types? Some people will prefer to have their toe out because of preference or medical reasons, and others will prefer the typical closed one. Also, depending on the season, if they feel more warm or cold.  Disposing of both will avoid any situation when they need something that you can’t provide and enhance their satisfaction knowing that you can answer their requirement. Both of the slippers are high quality and durable.


4. Amenities

As we said, we want to have this complete bathroom spa feel with everything that your customers can dream about while being away from home. For that reason, amenities are a must! 

Natural hotel amenities, personal care amenities packages, personal care kit but also amenities dispensers and holders. These products are as important as your decor and will increase your guest satisfaction.  Amenities also create souvenirs as it will bring souvenirs and happy memories. 

First, natural hotel amenities are body soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. 

The personal care amenities packages are our different natural amenities gathered in one package. One of my favourites is the Luxury Pro Personal care amenity combo. In this combo you will have: one lotion, a shampoo, a conditioner, shower gel, two different sizes of body soap and one makeup remover. This compo regroups all the needs for a total shower. Perfect in case your guest forgot or ran out of bath products. 


Finally, add a Double Amenity Dispenser to bring that elegance in the bathroom. They are created to hold anything in the bath and will definitely give that outstanding experience. 

These products are perfect accessories that anyone can need during their stay. By being ready to answer every type of need, you protect yourself from every uncomfortable situation for you or your guest. 

I hope that this detailed guide will help you renovate or upgrade your bathroom. To put it in a nutshell, think about what you will love to have as a guest. Bring that magical, spa feel. Guests are away from home and want something new and different. Think out of the box and be outstanding.  From the bathroom decor, accessories, feel, we want you to be memorable, so they can be highly satisfied, want to come back and bring other customers.

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