How to Make Hotel Rooms Look More Aesthetic

From Drab to Fab: Simple Tricks to Make Hotel Rooms Look More Aesthetic

There are many ways to make a bedroom seem more aesthetic. Giving your hotel rooms a more aesthetic look is great for business as well as customer satisfaction. Here are some tips to make your hotel bedrooms more aesthetic and eye-catching.

Colour scheme

colour scheme

When it comes to getting an aesthetic look the colour scheme is one of the most important factors. Aesthetic colours are artistic visually appealing colors that bring beauty to a room. These colours tend to catch the viewer's attention, you don’t want to have too many bright or shocking colours for a room. Colours must have a warm colour scheme or something that makes your viewers get a sense of relaxation. Some aesthetic colours you could use are: Haunting Hue, Gothic Gold, Silverado and Paradise Found.

Bedroom Design


Hotel rooms are not just simply a room to sleep in, it’s also a place for spending time with a loved one maybe, an office, media room or a prime place to just relax and let everything go. When your customers lay on your bed they must feel relaxed to the point they don’t want to get up. Hotel bulk supply blankets, pillows and sheets just right for that is the solution. An aesthetic bedroom must give off a calm and relaxing feeling, You can try adding small house plants to give the room that type of look. You can also add paintings as well to help give your customers an aesthetic vibe.



Lighting is another important factor that people tend to overlook when it comes to making a room seem aesthetic. When looking for aesthetic lights, you might want to do some research on glow waves. You might be wondering what glow waves are? Well, a glow wave is an aesthetic surrounding the theme of things that glow in the dark or with assistance from a UV light. Another great option is bed side lamps, with USB charging ports they are convenient as well. You can use string fairy lights and LEDs to give your room that nice faint glow in the night.


room decor

Last, but not the least, we have the decorations. This is the final piece that will tie everything together, with the decorations you add all that you have learned together. The colour scheme, the lighting and bedroom design, depending on the theme your hotel is going for the decorations must match the theme. Say for example you are going for a cabin theme or an outdoor theme you can use small decorative plants and vines to give it that outdoor aesthetic, you also might want to use cool colors such as a dark green with various shades of brown and a bit of cream mixed in. And if you're going for a beach theme try adding seashells on the wall and painting of water or beaches you can also use a colour scheme of cyan, cream, and white. Overall, the decoration must match the theme you are going for.

These are just a few ways to help your hotel give off that aesthetic look to it, keep in mind that the colour scheme lighting, bedroom design and the decorations must match the overall theme of your hotel.

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