How To Choose The Perfect Furniture For Your Hotel Room

Making a Lasting Impression: Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Hotel Room

Picking out the right furniture for a hotel room is no easy task, your main focus is to create an atmosphere that not only catches your guests attention but is also stylish and cozy. To ensure the best choice is made, these four factors below are something you need to consider. 

1. Style & Theme 

Hotel Room Style & Theme

Selecting a style should be the first step when deciding on furniture for your room. The style/ theme of your hotel determines what type of furniture you should get. The furniture you choose can’t be mixed and matched. You need a specific set of designs that will compliment both the room and each other. Would you prefer a retro look? Maybe something minimalistic? Ensuring the furniture in your room follows your style will change the outcome completely, leaving you with a stunning design customers will want to come back to. You can refer our blog on ideas to renew your hotel décor



2. Quality & Comfort

Hotel Room Quality & Comfort

A hotel’s top priority is the comfort of their guests and making sure their stay is great. When searching for furniture for rooms, search for pieces that will give your guests the best quality for the most comfortable experience during their stay. When your guests come to your hotel, they should feel welcomed and of course comfortable for their whole stay, and one good way to have them comfortable is with great quality furniture. When choosing furniture for a bedroom, think about what you’d want to make your experience the best if you were a guest at your own hotel for example; a soft bed, soft blankets/ duvets, etc. 


3. Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Go all out for your lobby appearance! The first thing a guest sees when entering a hotel is the lobby. The first impression is so important, as they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your lobby should have your guests happy to be here and wanting to stay longer. They must feel that they made the right choice coming to your hotel. The furniture in your hotel will be used for different purposes, a place to dine, chat or even have a business meet up. 




4. Placement

Hotel Placement

Utilizing your room layout is the final, and most crucial step. Furniture should not just be tossed into a room wherever it fits. Small rooms should have less furniture, big rooms should have more. Maximizing space and keeping it decluttered, allow room to move freely. Let the furniture vary from high to low, big to small. Make use of corners but don’t clutter them. The layout of a room can determine exactly how you design it and what you place where, which is why it should be considered and utilized as best as possible

We hope that this article helped with your furniture choices, and you have now plenty of ideas to make your hotel room look stylish, elegant, and outstanding. The secret is to put yourself in your customer mind and give that overall satisfaction.
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