Highly-Recommended Hospitality-Related Supplies for Bnbs, Cottages, Vacation Homes, & More

Highly-Recommended Hospitality-Related Supplies for Bnbs, Cottages, Vacation Homes, & More

HYC Design cares about people’s hospitality and has been involved with Canadian hotel supply for over a decade, ensuring all customers are satisfied. Many people enjoy renting out places to enjoy vacations and summer breaks, so we decided to create a list of some top product recommendations you can purchase to help maximise the hospitality of your vacations to be as ready as possible. 

Flat Bed Sheets

These ultra-soft flat bed sheets can help guests have a restful night’s sleep as they have the perfect combination of cotton and polyester, which will help out with the long days on Vacation to make sure you are rested well and prepared for the days to come. Depending on what you need, different styles are available including standard, deep pocket, and tuck-in models to fulfil a variety of needs and styles. 

Shower Curtains

AS HYC design has been in the hospitality and hotel supply industry for over a decade, we always make our products to Canadian hotel standards. Not only are our shower curtains hookless with great aesthetical looks, but they are also mould-proof and mould-resistant as well to guarantee your shower curtains are as clean as possible. Not only that, some other bonuses included with these hotel collection shower curtains are that they offer easy installation, are lightweight and are durable. They also come at great prices for everyone’s budget.

Beach Towels

These beach towels make for a great hotel quality towel supply, especially for Airbnb and Cottage purposes. Coming in great design choices, these towels can help out while you do your own thing enjoying yourself during the summertime. These towels can be serviceable for many summer activities such as beaches, spas, pools, fitness clubs, and so much more.


HYC Designs’ collection of lamps can help light up your room for any sort of vacation occasion that arises. We have lamps that are very convenient whether it's for your bedside, table wall, or floor. They also come with easy use features with an on/off switch with all of our lamps. On top of all of that, they are uniquely featured with a USB charging port and a power outlet as well. 

Hotel Amenities

Newly featured in our product varieties are Hotel Amenities and we understand that they are very important. With background knowledge in the hotel industry, we know that Amenities are as important as your guest room decor and the quality of how your guests feel about staying at your hotel. They can help refresh, relax, and invigorate consumers if you have all of the necessities provided for you.

These are some of our most Highly-Recommended hospitality-related supplies that can help maximise any vacation-related trips with the best necessities possible. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this blog or any of our products, please contact me via email at aidan.ferfolya@gmail.com.