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Create a Serene and Stylish Bedroom with These 5 Luxury Hotel-Inspired Tips

There are a few things you have to know before transforming your dull room into an extravagant and expensive-looking hotel. You know how you go into most hotels and the beds look super comfy, and you just can't wait till you go to sleep but in the end, they just feel like hard rock? Trust me, we've all been there, and if you don't want to waste your money on highly-priced hotels which look amazing on the outside but in reality, just bring you discomfort.


Here are 5 easy tips to make your bedroom give off that clean and aesthetic look that you know people would think is a luxurious hotel.


White bedding

As you know, most hotel rooms come with white bedding, but they're not as comfortable as you see, let's fix that! If you want to go for a clean aesthetic look, the best colour to decorate your room with is white. Yes, I know what you are thinking, white can tend to get messier but if you want to achieve that satisfying look, go for a big fluffy white comforter along with matching fluffy pillows and everything you need to succeed to make it look like one of those “comfortable hotel beds” but aren’t.

I would suggest going for a Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk because it's perfect for all seasons, and it's long-lasting. If you want to add a bit of colour go in with an additional pop colour, add some neutral colours for example (gray, cream, black, brown, etc), and decorative bed pillows/blankets to settle the mood. Now that we finished with the hotel-style beddingtry to go for a matching white bed skirt and additional features to your bed but stick with the colour white to achieve hotel-quality bedding.  


Organize and declutter

Do you know that one junk drawer in your room where you just throw stuff in, and you never have the time to clean it out? Well, now it's time to clean it out. 

Try emptying the drawer and organizing everything. To arrange everything into drawers, use clear storage bins. Use larger clear bins to provide larger areas, such as your closet, with a classy appearance. You can see straight through clear storage containers, which makes it simpler for you to find what you're looking for.

Take a step ahead and declutter all those messy and chaotic places in your bedroom. For example, your closet, organize it by clothing type (shirts in one section, dresses in another, etc.) 

You'll notice a significant improvement after organizing your bedroom's clutter and closet, and you'll know where everything belongs, making it easier to find things quickly.



When thinking about decorating your room, you don’t want to overdo it. Think about the theme you're going for and stick with it. Since we are going for a luxurious hotel-style bedroom, you try to keep things simple and make it look clean. 

To achieve that, first, start with finding a nice console table. Find one in the colour of your choice, for example I would go with white or cream colour to stick with the theme. 

After purchasing and setting it up, next you want to try to find some simple decorations that would go with your console table. For example, add a table lamp, some fancy books, candles, or anything you want. The only thing to remember is your theme, you're going for a luxurious hotel look, so make sure most of the things you purchase are “luxury”. I know that it may total up to a big amount ,but in the end, it's honestly worth it because it will last so much longer compared to cheap decorations that would wear off immediately and damage your furniture.  

If you feel that your room is still feeling empty try adding a nice fancy armchair right next to the console table.  You could enjoy a nice cup of tea with a book while relaxing in your new luxurious chair. 

If you notice there is a room above the console table, consider adding a classical mirror or artwork to complete the look.



Something that is mandatory for a bedroom is lighting. When thinking about our theme, a luxury hotel-style bedroom, we want to think of big, shiny, diamonds. All these words scream luxury, meaning that we need to add something to shine off our bedroom. As you know, most homes come with a basic cheap light fixture that doesn't give much light. To soften the look of your bedroom, use ambient lighting with chandeliers. 

Whatever your sense of taste, master bedroom chandeliers will undoubtedly bring a chic, romantic touch to your interior design. In the end, you’ll notice a big change in the lighting of your room. It brings off shimmer and shines with your new luxurious hotel-style bedroom which gives immaculate vibes.



Since we have decluttered, organized and made your bedroom luxurious, the next step would be to move on to the bathroom. Yes, this is optional, but why not make it a luxury when you have already finished your bedroom? When thinking about hotel bathroom supplies they are not the best, but here are some of my best recommendations.

Try using luxury hotels amenities suppliers such as a Double Amenities Holder, which can hold your shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. It's a great purchase while also keeping your shower space organized. Another great find for your bathroom, to keep is some nice white bath towels. I know what you're probably thinking, why is she trying to decorate her entire house white? This is because we want to keep it in the theme, so everything looks consistent and gives off a classy look. If you have a tub in your bathroom try to switch to a glass shower to give it that sophisticated look. 


All these elements will make you see a big change in your bedroom. Make sure to take a before and after image to see the comparison. You will be very happy with the way it turned out and won’t even regret spending a penny on changing a dull bedroom into a classy, luxurious hotel-looking bedroom!



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