Master art of hotel style bedding

Master the Art of Hotel-Style Bedding: Tips and Tricks for Perfectly Coordinated Bed Pillows, Scarfs, Skirts, and More!

  1. Why are the colors so important to bedding? 
  2. What about perfect pillows? 
  3. What material should I be using?
  4. How many layers should I have? 
  5. Quick tip lightning round. 

So, you want to know how to make a bed feel like a hotel?

We’re going to walk you through everything on hotel style bedding!

After you’ve finished reading this blog post, you will be able to transform your bed into a luxury hotel getaway! 

Let’s get to it!

1. Why are the colors so important in bedding?

Colors are very important for hotel room bed decoration. Here are some quick tips to make sure your colors exude that clean hotel charm!

White is your best friend:

There’s a reason why that iconic white hotel style bedding is so popular. It helps hotels show off how clean their rooms are!

White also works with every other color. It’s a perfect base, so you can always rotate colors to find what works best.

Picking A Stellar Color Palette!

You can use color harmony to pick a cohesive color palette. Some common color harmonies would be complementary, analogous, triad, square and monochrome! 

You can also find/create a palette using Coolors! Coolors lets you browse premade palettes and make your own using the palette generator!



2. What About Perfect Pillows?

Those distinctly comfortable and high end hotel pillows will provide both of the options below to accommodate all different kinds of sleepers!


Down Pillows:

It’s pretty much a consensus among hotels that down pillows are the best option. Down pillows are notorious for being crazy comfy! 

Luxury hotels like to use goose or duck down! Down is a bit of an investment, but is ridiculously durable, lasting you anywhere between 5-10 years!

Feather Pillows:

Also very common in hotel quality pillows, feather pillows are used as a firmer, supportive option. Their density makes them great for sitting and sleeping.

Feather pillows rarely come in 100% feather, but rather, a down-feather blend. You could go for 50%/50%, 15%/85%, 5%/95% (down to feather).


3. What Materials Should I Be Using? 

There’s a lot that goes into hotel style bedding, especially the materials, but don’t worry! Let’s go over some hotel quality bedding materials!

Satin & Silk Pillowcases:

Most hotel beds have Satin or Silk pillow cases. As it turns out, there are countless health benefits associated with using satin or silk pillow cases

They prevent hair frizz since hair glides easier, reducing friction and static electricity! Satin and silk also prevent hair breakage since the reduced friction prevents excessive breakage. Satin and Silk pillowcases also help retain moisturization and softness. That's why hotels opt for silk pillow covers, and why you should too.

Cotton Sheets/Duvets: 

Everyone knows the bedsheets used in luxury hotels are pure Egyptian cotton, but not everyone can afford them. Not to worry, even a simple and plain pure cotton still makes for hotel quality bedsheets. The thread count (number of threads per square inch of fabric) of cotton is also important. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets! The best luxury hotel sheets have a count between 300-400!

It's worth mentioning, while most hotels use cotton sheets/duvets, you don’t have to! If you prefer a silk, mulberry silk or linen duvet then go with it.


4How Many Layers Should I Have?

We’ve all seen how many intricate layers hotel bed decor has. It’s quite intimidating at first glance, but we’re going to break it down right here!


1. Bed skirt

2. Flat sheet

  • Most hotels skip the fitted sheet and use a flat sheet

    since they don’t rely on easily broken elastic! The flat sheet should be tucked  in using Hospital Corners for a clean finish.

3. Top Sheet

  • Top sheets are very hygienic since they suck up the bacteria your body expels during sleep instead of the comforters. You can even get decorative top sheets if you prefer!

4. Blanket/Comforter

  • Some hotels add a thinner luxury blanket and then a very warm comforter, so guests can pick based on their preference. You may want to alternate these two depending on the season! Regardless, this layer should go flat on the topsheet (which should tuck over a quarter from the headboard.) But this isn’t a rule. Here are a couple different ways to go about this layer.

5. Pillows and other accessories

  • Depending on bed size, you can have more or less different kinds of pillows. One rule of thumb is to have a supportive pillow for every soft pillow to balance your sleep. Other accessories could include decorative bed pillows, bed scarves, bed runners, pillow shams and more!


5. Quick tip lightning round.

Here are some final quick tips to help you out!

Work With Your Space:

  • Don’t try to cram all these things into your space. It can look over cluttered and the opposite of professional!

Consider getting a Mattress Topper: 

  • Hotel beds sometimes have feather/down mattress toppers for extra comfort (plus it’s cheaper than changing the whole mattress)!

Use a Hotel Collection Bedding: 

  • There's nothing wrong with buying a perfect premade bed set and save yourself some time!

Enhance the area around your bed:

  • There are endless possibilities! Get a table lamp, warm light bulbs, end-of-bed bench, rugs etc!

Some of Our Pieces that create that Hotel Feel:



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