Marketing strategies to boost hotel sales

Innovative Revenue Generation Strategies for Hotels: Simple Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line in 2023

Are you a hotel owner and interested in finding ways to boost your business? Instead of spending hours finding little to no information to help your problem. As a hotel owner, you have a useful weapon in marketing that can be taken advantage of to boost your hotel to new heights. Here are 5 marketing tips to boost your hotel.

Ensure Your Target

The most important tip with marketing to your boost hotel is to know your target. If you don’t know who your targeted audience is, then all this information is completely useless. As mentioned throughout this blog, knowing your targeted audience is the “root” that creates these marketing routes which is the “plant”, that’s how you interpret marketing.

Welcome to Technology

An important aspect that is important to know and easy to work with is called Digital Marketing. In layman's terms, Digital Marketing is essentially marketing but in the digital world. People are always on their phones, they spend hours and hours of their day on their phones to consume anything and Digital Marketing is the key to that. Taking advantage of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube is a great way of marketing providing a lot of upside with little to no risk where the goal is to “present” your hotel.

Social media will definitely help you boost your hotel sales

It may seem easy but it’s easier said than done, when you are trying to present your hotel, you have to present it the right way and it takes time to see results, being patient is key.


Press the Restart Button
Let’s be clear, I’m not saying to restart your business but probably the way you tried to market your hotel wasn't working but it’s not the end of the world. The beauty of Marketing or Digital Marketing is that there are so many routes you can take for your hotel. A smart way to “restart” your hotel is to start small, going big can be risky although having a lot of upsides but more risk of failing.  Starting small and slowly growing your business is the safest way, providing good upside with little risk which is an important factor to pay attention to. At HYC Design, we work at B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) which gives us a variety of routes of marketing to work with. As a hotel owner, you are more likely to work on B2C which gives you a better idea of routes of marketing to start with. A few routes you can begin with are expanding within your audience in the real world and the digital world by taking advantage of social media which was mentioned, improving your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and you can easily find videos that can better your understanding whether you are a small hotel owner or you’ve been in the business for a while and looking to rebrand. 

Content Creation

A way to market your hotel is to create some videos that can catch the attention of your targeted audience and improve your digital traffic/footprint to bring new clientele. Showcase them with an idea that your hotel is better than others. The benefit of content creation for your hotel is that you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t work and essentially repeat creating what works. It’s that simple. Although it may be that simple, the common problem many people go through is trying to figure out which one they should start. That’s where “sharing is caring” is what I think is underrated. Do your research on your competitors.

Content marketing

Doing your own research is important to do if you don’t know where to start, looking and seeing what other businesses are doing to simply do better than them. It gives you an understanding of seeing what’s working with other businesses and recreating them with your own originality and way to go. 

Make Yourself Easy to Search

Going deeper into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your business easy to search is important. In Marketing or Digital Marketing, having your business basically, everything is essential, you don’t want to limit your business to certain routes and expect positive results solely not the way.

The purpose of SEO is to improve your visibility and reach the targeted audience, which will lead to an increase in hotel sales.

In this way, you are solely working on Google. Google SEO is the “godfather” of Search Engine Optimization and the goal is to have your hotel business the NUMBER 1 business Google shows to your targeted audience. An important factor with SEO is having a website that is useful, informative, creative, and clear. If your website provides the following, it’ll make it interesting, intriguing possible clientele, providing them with the information they need and want and creating trust between your business and your consumer (B2C).

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