4 Tips To Get Your Home “Staycation” Ready

Transform Your Home into a Staycation Oasis: 4 Tips for a Relaxing Retreat

Through lockdowns and quarantines, one thing many of us have been missing over the past year is the ability to travel abroad on vacation and have that small break away from our daily stresses. While summer travel plans may not be in the picture for many people this year, "staycations" are always a good alternative. In fact, there are several things that you can implement within your own home to create that relaxed feeling that you would otherwise get in a hotel room on your summer vacation.

#1 : The Benefit of the Bathrobe

bathrobes are improtant

It’s a simple feature that you may have enjoyed on your last vacation in a hotel. Nothing gives that ultra-relaxed, spa-like feel more than the hotel bathrobe. Imagine the feeling of putting on one of those crisp white, plush bathrobes after a dip in the pool or a trip to the hotel spa. By simply incorporating one of these bathrobes into your own space, you can create that same feeling of cleanliness and luxury without leaving your home. Even better – you don’t need to part with it at the end of your staycation so that you can stay comfortable and cozy through your regular morning routine. Don’t forget the matching slippers!

# 2: Luxurious Linens

bed linens matters

When you stay in a hotel, one of the many luxuries is tucking into a crisp, white hotel bed at the end of a relaxing day. There’s no reason you can’t have this same feeling in your bedroom. The simple change of upgrading your bedsheets, pillowcases, or duvet covers to hotel-quality linens can make all the difference to the feel of your space. Your state of mind can easily change to vacation mode by having your bed feel like a hotel bed. Keep an eye out for a high thread count when choosing bedding linens, at least 200 to 300, and you will find a hotel quality that will feel like the ultimate luxury.


# 3: Calming Neutrals 

neutral color scheme

You may have noticed that whenever you have been on staycation, most hotel rooms tend toward clean white bedding and often a neutral color scheme throughout. Why is this? These neutral colors evoke a calming feeling in your space so that you can leave your stresses behind when you enter your bedroom. Color can have a huge impact on our emotions and mood, so while you may enjoy vibrant colors and patterns in other parts of your home, light neutrals in the bedroom are a great way to set out a separate space designed for relaxation. A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be boring, though; with a neutral background, you can always incorporate some color through smaller accents like a throw blanketthrow pillows, or even a bed skirt.

#4: From Bathroom to Spa

luxury body and skincare products

Another hotel luxury that you may miss out on without traveling is the luxury body and skin care products you often find in a hotel bathroom. It’s always nice to feel like all your needs are being taken care of while on vacation. So why not set yourself up with some high-quality soaps, bath bombs, or moisturizers in your bathroom for your "staycation?" This will add a pleasant lavish touch to the experience and help create that hotel spa-like feeling. Another thing you can consider is replacing any old worn-out towels with fresh white hotel-quality towels, as you wouldn’t find anything less if you were on vacation at a nice hotel. A vacation isn’t complete without some pampering, so go for it and turn your bathroom into your at-home spa with these small changes!

Following these tips will surely help your "staycation" feel like an actual vacation without having to leave your home at all. It is the most straightforward accents or quality materials that can make all the difference in inducing the same sense of relaxation that you experience in a luxurious hotel while on vacation. After a long year of being stuck at home, you deserve it!

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