3 splendid ways to draw visitors to your hotel!

3 splendid ways to draw visitors to your hotel!

Have you ever heard from a lovely guest that this was one of the best hotels that they stayed in and they can’t wait to come back again?  Or do you feel that you lack customers and your hotel business is starting to fall? If you're in one of these situations or even both, keep reading to find some tips and tricks to draw more visitors to your hotel!

  1. Reward program
  2. Have a spa
  3. Comfortable bedding and clean bathroom 

Reward Program 

Do you know how nowadays almost every fast food restaurant has reward apps? Take for example Mcdonald's where you can earn points from each order and all you have to do is scan a QR code. Points add up to unlock rewards for free and the more points, the better the reward. When you go to the cashier at a store, they are always like, “Are you a part of our _______ program? You say no and move on but what you didn’t know is that their reward program gives discounts and perks on new deals. This improves customers' frequency of coming to your hotel because they feel they need to spend money to achieve this reward or discount.

What you should do is set up an app for your hotel company and leave a QR code by the front desk so it can take customers right to the download page. You don’t want to push them into your rewards service right away but start with a benefit and ease into it. While explaining where their room is, start by saying that you can get housekeeping or meal services right to your door with a click of a button. 

Add a little scavenger hunt with QR codes around the hotel even for little ones to help out with so it makes it fun for the entire family! Explain that the more QR codes you find, the higher you can rank in points and win additional prizes. Since a hotel is a place you can’t return to multiple times a month compared to a fast food restaurant you want to make it the most fun and rewarding for the time they have. 

Have a Spa

You might think that having a spa at your hotel is not necessary but your hotel can be labelled as one of those luxurious hotels. Having a spa at your hotel can send a message to your guests saying that you care about them and that they deserve to relax on their vacation. 

To start a spa, make sure to have the essentials, for example, spa towels in bulk, robe and slippers, hotel-style luxury bath sheets, etc. One of the best hotel suppliers in Canada called HYC Design has some of the best products. The most suitable robe that I recommend for your guests is the Shawl Bathrobe which is 100% cotton. It’s super comfy and provides the best comfort and flexibility to your guests.

Another product that I suggest is the closed-toe spa slippers, even though it is a bit extra but guests will feel that they are well taken care of during the spa treatment. Just like the bathrobe, it will give your guests pure happiness when they slip into these slippers. 

Finally, a must-have for your hotel spa is towels. If you're going to run a spa one of the must-haves is towels so it's very important to have them in stock. The best that I recommend is the ultra-premium towel set from HYC Design. They're soft, and gentle and make your skin feel so smooth and silky. 

Trust me when I say that your guests will feel like they are treated like luxurious celebrities and they will let others know about your fantastic service!


Comfortable bedding and Clean bathroom

When guests come back tired from a long exhausting plane ride, all they want to do is go to their hotel and have a good night's sleep. Until they realize that the room was not the best for them. The bed was so uncomfortable and the sheets were very thin. Moving onto the bathroom, the towels were dirty and it was not clean. Overall they are very dissatisfied with their night spent in this cheap hotel and will not recommend it to anyone. Do you want this reputation for your hotel? Obviously, no, so here are some recommendations to make your bedroom the coziest, most comfortable place which guests will love and send out positive reviews to everyone! 

The most important thing in a hotel room is the bed. You need it to be comfy, soft and warm so you can ensure that guests get a good night's sleep. Make sure to look for 5-star hotel sheets. One of the best luxury silk duvets from once again HYC Design is the luxurious silk on down duvet. This luxury silk duvet is lightweight and warm for the coldest Canadian winter. 

Another recommendation I have to make your hotel bed super fancy is to add a bed scarf. You're probably asking yourself, what is a bed scarf? A bed scarf is a piece of fabric that hangs down on both sides of the bed. At HYC Design you can even get one custom made to your liking or one to match the theme of the hotel room!

Similar to the bedroom, you want your hotel to have a clean sustainable bathroom. It needs to be extremely clean, because as most guests know the worst part of the hotel is the bathroom because they can be extremely nasty. It's best to have an organized functional system going on. For example, for the bathrooms, you should purchase the triple amenities holder. This amenities holder can achieve a clean look because it has a different compartment for shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. Another must-have for hotel bathrooms is to have nice hotel-quality shower curtains. At the end of the day, you don't want your housekeeping tired from cleaning all the excess water from the shower. So by purchasing this great shower curtain, all the water will stay in the tub/shower!


In conclusion, using these tips you should have some happy customers coming to your hotel and great reviews on your way!