2023 New Trends in Hotel Guestroom Decoration

Designing the Perfect Stay: 2023's Hottest Hotel Room Decoration Trends

As time goes on, trends are constantly changing, whether they're fashion trends, technology trends or travel trends. Therefore, the hotel industry must know the new trends and what customers are looking for. It will help satisfy and retain customers. To help you, we picked the best ideas to keep up with the trend. So, what are the new 2023 trends in hotel guest room decoration?



cleanliness of hotel room

The most significant trend changes in the hotel industry for 2023 are the cleanliness and safety measures of hotel rooms due to the pandemic. Due to the particular situation, the first thing that guests will consider before booking a hotel room is cleanliness and safety. A hotel can be advantageous if they are using the latest cleaning technologies like walk-through sanitizing booths, robot custodians, ppe and self-cleaning surfaces. Cleanliness will always be the first thing during a pandemic.



Another new trend is the incorporation of technology in hotel guest rooms. Technology is taking over the world, so it’s not surprising it’s also being used in hotel guest rooms. Having technology in your hotel puts you at an advantage over other hotels and will help you stand out.

With the everyday use of high technology, more and more customers are starting to expect smart rooms to control the room temperature, lighting, and even entertainment through a mobile device or voice. Using mobile door keys for added security is another new trend. Interaction through a mobile device will be the trend for how the hotel industry works in the future. For example, customers do not want to spend time checking in and out; mobile check-in and check-out solve this problem. Using mobile check-in and check-out can not only save customers’ time, but can also save on the expenses for a hotel to hire extra staff.



attractive and creative design
The generation now is constantly posting pictures, vlog with a bunch of videos of their vacations online, and the most popular platform for that is Instagram. People are always trying to find an “Instagram” location to take a picture. TikTok is another popular platform where people can post long videos of their vacation. Those post can easily go viral and attract new customers. This can range from a unique wall, room with a view, excellent food presentation from the hotel restaurant, or a uniquely designed lobby. There are so many ways you can make your hotel more attractive; be creative.



hotel room design

A new trend for hotel rooms is being designed with a light and calm color palette, installing the technology, creating a "homey" feeling, adding memorable decor items like plants or unique wall art, and installing noise reduction technology. The decor is a way for you to stand out from the competition, personalized your interior decor, your services in order to be memorable.Mixing modern, stylish “Instagrammable” decor, new technologies, safety measure will definitely make you keep up with 2023 new trends. Your customers will be satisfied, your establishment will be attractive, your employee and customers safe and your interior decor will be outstanding. All a win!
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