What’s More Important for Hotel Guests?

What’s More Important for Hotel Guests?

Giving your hotel guests the best stay possible is a goal for every hotelier, but what do hotel guests find important during their stay?


comfortable bed

According to a study published by the Hotel School at SC Johnson College of business, guests value the comfort of a room the most. There are many things that can factor into the comfort level of a room. The mattress of the bed, linenspillows, and pillow cases, duvets, and towels. The interior design of the room also contributes to the level of comfort, whether the room is well or poorly designed.

Comfort can also include noise levels inside the room or noise coming from outside. The cleanliness of the room and the overall facility is something that is important for hotel guests as it makes them feel comfortable and at ease.


customer service

Another thing that is most important to hotel guests is the service they receive. Customer service in any business is important, but it’s especially important in the hospitality industry because this is where customers are looking for staff to help them provide a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Great customer service can look like promptly answering any inquiries the guest might have, finding solutions to their problems in an efficient manner, and getting their tasks done on time (room service, laundry, room cleanup, etc.).

Amenities + Location


The amenities in a hotel and the location of the hotel go hand in hand and are something guests often look at before booking their stay. If the hotel is far from any of the main attractions of that particular city, then the hotel should have amenities to sort of make up for that. The amenities of a hotel can include many different things, including: breakfast, bar or lounge, fitness centre, pool, spa, free wifi, and personal care (toiletries, bathrobes and slippers, etc.). 

In conclusion, you want to make sure that your hotel guests have the best stay possible so your hotel can receive positive feedback and returning customers.

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