What Hotels are Doing to Accommodate Customers During COVID-19

What Hotels are Doing to Accommodate Customers During COVID-19


Our research has shown that the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit industries by COVID-19. The health and safety of clients, hotel workers, and the public is the most important factor to consider for hotels right now. As more restrictions are eased, there will certainly be more traffic and business to accommodate.

As Ontario heads into Phase-3 and non-essential travel will be lifted today, (Friday, July 24, 2020), hotels are increasing their cleaning and sanitization protocols. Hotels such as the Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and others have created a ‘Stay Safe’ Program, which outlines industry-wide guidelines on how to deal with COVID-19. These guidelines try to go above and beyond federal/provincial standards.

What Hotels Are Doing to Combat COVID-19


The first place to look at is providing quality sanitising products to your customers. Customers will expect sanitary stations around high traffic areas and in their rooms.

Providing sanitary packages is a great way to make them feel safe and welcomed. Include and encourage the use of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Hand Sanitizer stations

  • PPE Kits are available for guests (personal sanitizer, wipes, masks, etc...).
  • Removal of hard to clean or non-essential contact points (books, magazines),
  • Sealed and covered essentials (coffee, remotes, cups)

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Changes to improve service for COVID-19 are at a high level of priority. Service protocols and standards should be monitored and changed accordingly as provincial or federal protocols are always changing.

  • Demonstrated social distancing knowledge and implementation by workers
  • increased use of new bedding and sheets.
  • Increased and expedited scheduled cleaning
  • House cleaning on demand
  • On-Demand delivery of items that can be dropped off without having maids in the room (coffee, toiletries)
  • PPE and COVID-19 signage around high traffic areas to inform guests and workers of guidelines and protocols to follow.
  • Providing signage and directions for proper use
  • Cleaning Logs That Can Be Seen

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Touchless Technology

Using contactless technology will help decrease touch points that may have a high risk of transmitting germs.

  • increase the number of keys Drop-off boxes
  • Online menus and services 
  • Use of Contactless check-in/check-outs
  • Use of Contactless Payments

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations 

Going above and beyond the call of duty and providing necessary changes to your business is of great importance during these times. Creating a lasting impression on your clients and providing the best service will allow you to invite them as repeat customers in the future.







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