How the Hospitality Techno Trend can Boost Hotel Services

How the Hospitality Techno Trend can Boost Hotel Services

Hospitality Techno Trend can Boost Hotel Services

The digital age brings endless possibilities for using technologies for hotel services and to enhance the guest experience. During the events of COVID-19, technology showed how it can be crucial in times of crisis as a competitive element. Listed below are five technological hospitality trends that both chains and independent hotels should embrace to improve their hotel services.

1. Self Service 

Today, thanks to technological tools, check-in/check-out can be done by guests remotely or at a self-service kiosk in the hotel’s lounge, avoiding long lines and saving time. The choice of a specific room or scheduled cleaning hotel services can be done by guests’ smartphones, giving guests more autonomy and the feeling of controlling their stay. Enabling guests to request simple services in an agile and optimised way for themselves is a differential.

2. Hotel App

Due to the trend of mobile applications, they have become designed to be a support or extension of hotel services. Simply put, it is like having a concierge in your pocket. Features such as booking for hotel events, ticket purchasing, hotel service notifications, loyalty programs, and room services are examples of hotel services that can be added within a hotel app. There are a variety of hotel services that can be implemented in an app, and they can be used in different ways to help build the guest experience.

3. Near-Field Communication (NFC)

NFC technology has distinct uses and allows phones, tablets, and laptops to communicate with other devices over a short distance. This adds a touch of uniqueness to hotel services. By utilising NFC technology, it provides guests with the capability of using digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Guests will feel safe as well as create different ways of interacting with staff.

4. Social Listening 

Social media is a powerful communication mechanism, not only due to the possibility of greater interaction between people but also because information can be widely disseminated. Another factor is that the number of users who choose social media as a communication channel with companies is increasing every day, as well as the number of guests sharing their experiences at hotels. Based on this trend, social listening tools can be used for hotels to plan new strategies, identify guests’ needs, and anticipate as well as mitigate possible problems.

5. Use of Data 

Information is power and in recent years, innovative technologies in data mining have allowed us to explore it in different ways. All the technological hospitality trends mentioned above collect tonnes of data from guests. Through the right processing of data, it can lead to a competitive advantage. Using data, hotels can deliver personalized hotel services to guests, in order to improve their operation and generate new insights.

Through different forms of use and consisting of the same objectives, technologies offer a range of options to boost hotel services. However, we must be aware that human contact is just as crucial as investing in your hotel in the use of technology.

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