5 Different Ways to Enhance your Guest Experience

5 Different Ways to Enhance your Guest Experience

Guest Experience
Businesses within the hospitality industry need to keep their guests' satisfaction in mind. Regardless of whether you're a hotel, motel, cottage, or an Airbnb, this can lead your business to a positive path. There are many ways for hospitality businesses to begin focusing on their guest satisfaction. This can be done by providing customer service, emotional connection, good value, sustainability, cleanness, and emotional connection.

1. Customer Service 

Customer service is one of the cornerstones to improving the guest experience and your entire team needs to be aligned to offer good service before, during, and after booking. Offering 24/7 support, friendly staff, proactivity, quick response to problems, and attention to feedback are some of the components that produce great customer service for your guests. And whenever possible, provide pleasant experiences that show that they are always welcome.


2. Emotional Connection 

Emotional connection is a good way to create a bond between a human being and their guests and often brings beneficial results such as loyalty. To build a stronger attachment, do simple things like practising empathy and humanized contact, treating each guest as unique and special, and providing occasions that will make them feel at home. That way, you will be moving in the right direction to boost the guest’s expectations.


3. Good Value

Often, the word value is associated with the price paid, but the meaning behind that word can be broad. For our itinerary here, money, time, and experience are good ways to express the value considered by guests.

  • Save money: Because most customers are cost-conscious, membership programs and price match guarantees are effective tools for dealing with the money variable and demonstrating how your service is worth more than one at a low price.
  • Save time-time is money, and for most guests, dealing with bureaucratic services, procedures, and mistakes instead of enjoying leisure time is a waste of time. Make sure you understand your guest’s needs, simplify processes when possible, and answer all their questions as quickly as possible.
  • A great experience-a memorable experience is key to adding value to the guest’s experience.
    Changing the perception of value once it has been defined can be difficult, so make a good first impression from the beginning. 


4. Cleanliness 

Cleanliness is one of the critical elements of the guest experience, according to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI),and it is an important factor when choosing a hotel.

Due to COVID-19, a new standard of cleaning has become necessary. Daily hotel room cleaning and deep-cleaning of high-touch areas, as well as disinfection stations with wipes and hand sanitizer, are mandatory. Local and international safety guidelines can also be used as a source of instructions to keep your guests and staff safe and prevent the spread of the disease. Another best practice is to use technology as an ally. Contactless check-in and digital keys are good examples.

Showing a clean and adequate room is a way to guarantee protection and care for your guests and to enhance their experience throughout the stay. Remember, a good experience can bring guests back and lead to good reviews and referrals. 


5. Sustainability 

More than ever, hotel bookers are considering hotels that take steps to reduce their environmental footprint when choosing their next inn. As a trend, eco-friendly hotels have reached a new level in the guest experience. Besides promoting hotels’ image, sustainability can also save hotels money. For example, with the use of an efficient lighting system, adequate water use, and self-generated energy. 

Enhancing the guest experience is not an impossible mission, but it does require hard work. Surveys can also help to anticipate the guest’s needs and give some ideas on how to improve your hotel service. As the last call, make your guest’s satisfaction your number one priority.

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