3 Must-Have Bath Supplies to Start 2022 : Bathroom Ideas

Upgrade Your Bathroom: 3 Essential Supplies for a Luxurious 2023

3 Must-Have Bath Supplies to Start 2022 : Bathroom Ideas

Want a fresh new start to the new year but don’t know where to start? Don’t Worry! We’ll get you ready for the new year with a list of bath supplies that are certainly going to help you excel in 2022. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in the bath supplies world or a seasoned pro looking for some new bathroom ideas, our list has got you covered. 

3 Must-Have Bath Supplies to Start 2022

#1: Bath Towels

Bath towels might seem like a very basic or minuscule object but sometimes getting your basics right is the most important thing. You probably didn’t realize but your towel is actually a huge part of your daily routine, you use it every day so why not get one that is of the best material and is going to satisfy your needs. No matter if you’re looking for small hand towels or large bath mats we offer sizes. We have budget-friendly options such as the Basic and the Ideal Series which is perfect if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel quality towel with all the important features. On the other hand, our Premium series towels home in on high quality, softness, and longevity while also being affordable. My recommendation for the perfect hand towel to start 2022 is the Ultra Premium Hand Towel. This bathroom accessory is extremely popular as it is absorbent, quick-drying, and soft.

Bath Towels

#2 Soap/Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

A couple of years back it might’ve seemed a little bit excessive to have a soap or hand sanitizer dispenser but in today’s climate to stay safe from the pandemic it has become an everyday essential for people around the world. Purchasing a dispenser is a good move as it encourages the use of soap or hand sanitizer and it will certainly help reduce the spread of COVID-19. At HYC Design we offer both automatic and manual dispensers which are convenient and easy to use, they help with customer convenience as well as employee efficiency. If you are looking to purchase a dispenser that will keep you safe my recommendation would be the Automatic Dispenser as this completely eliminates the need of having to touch something thus restricting the spread of any virus. It is very price-effective as it has a refillable tank that you can fill with any liquid. If you want to stay safe this year buying the Automatic Dispenser is a good idea. 

Soap/Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

#3 Bathrobes

It might be time to throw away your old bathrobe because if you want to start the year fresh you should highly consider purchasing a new one. Personally, I think bathrobes are one of the most underrated bathroom accessories, they are comfy and keep you warm. At HYC Design we offer Luxury Hotel and Spa Bathrobes. We offer male, female and kids bathrobes in a variety of different styles and fabrics. Some of them are the Velour Kimono Bathrobe and the Shawl Bathrobe. My personal favourite is the Plush Cloral Fleece Bathrobe, the luxurious light-weight robe is plush and soft and one of my favourite things about it is that it is an energy-saving green product as it only requires 30% of the laundry time compared to other robes.


In conclusion, I believe it is very important to upgrade your bathroom accessories in order to upgrade your services and clients satisfaction.

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