Supplies Needed for the School Year

Back to school is typically an exciting time for students to learn new things and be in a new classroom environment. Students get to meet new friends and catch up with old friends who they haven’t seen since the previous school year. Teachers are preparing for their daily routines and coming back from the summer vacation. However, the start of the 2020 school year is not an ordinary one as different supplies are considered as new essentials.

PPE Supplies 

With the break out of COVID-19, students should equip themselves with personal protection equipment. Students will have to prioritise other products more than the typical pencils, backpacks, binders, notebooks and more. At HYC Design, we prioritize your safety through our PPE supplies.

Washable Face Mask 

Tired of consistently using a disposable face mask? We've got you covered with washable facemasks that are reusable and made of 100% cotton.These face masks provide users with breathability and comfort. We have a wide selection of designs to choose from.

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Disposable Vinyl Gloves - One Size Fits All

Another way to stay safe at school is by using disposable gloves. It can reduce the spread of infection and protect someone who is going out in public by keeping their hands clean. If someone chooses to wear gloves in public, it is vital they do not touch their face, phone, or any surfaces they don't need to touch and remove them correctly.

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Disposable Face Masks

Would you rather avoid the burden of washing your face mask? Not a problem, as we've got you covered for disposable face masks. Disposable face masks are designed with soft waterproof protection and 3 layers of protection. Ensuring you are protected from COVID and unwanted germs.

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Hand Sanitizer Gel with Pump Dispenser and Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand sanitizers have become more and more popular since the outbreak of COVID. Be sure to keep yourself safe through the use of sanitising your hands, killing off 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. We offer different ways to help you be equipped with hand sanitizer as you can have an add-on of a pump dispenser for your convenience.

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Back to School Deals

Back to school deals are a big shopping experience for students and parents as they hope to be well equipped for the school year, especially with COVID around. Which is why at HYC Design we have provided three different packaged deals of not only our PPE items but also our hand towels, fitted sheets, flat sheets, bed bug protectors, bath mats, and more based on select packages.


IDEAL University Move-In Package

This set includes products from the IDEAL line, such as hand towels and bath towels. We also provide products that are beneficial for students going away to school, such as a standard pillowcase, hospitality grade pillow, and fitted and flat sheets. Customers have a choice of hospitality grade, long-lasting micro velour soft light blankets or comforters. Personal protection equipment items included are 1 box of 50 disposable face masks and a 50ml hand sanitising gel.


PREMIUM University Move-In Package 

Our PREMIUM package includes a premium quality washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath mat, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow and pillowcase. We are flexible when it comes to choices. Customers can decide to either add the bed bug protector, a waterproof mattress encasement with a zipper lock, or a hookless shower curtain with a transparent window. Within this package, customers can also choose from the hospitality grade long-lasting micro velour soft light blanket or comforter. This bundle includes 1 box of masks, 50 packs, 50ml hand sanitizing gel, 1 refillable bottle of 500ml hand sanitizer, and 1 bottle of disinfection spray 900ml.


PERFECT University Move-In Package 

The third valued offered package offers more for value while you save. Products included are 2 packs of a perfect quality washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, quality flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase and pillows. Customers also receive a perfect-quality bath mat, a zip storage bag and 12pc hangers. One of the selections customers can choose from is between the bed bug protector waterproof mattress encasement with zipper lock or a hookless shower curtain with a transparent window. Another selection of products customers can choose from is the perfect quality, soft micro velour blanket or a 100% cotton comforter. More value is added to this package as we have personal protection products included such as 1 box of masks 50 pack, 50ml hand sanitising gel, 1 refillable bottle 500ml hand sanitizer, 1 bottle disinfection spray 900ml, 1 box of non-powder gloves, 1 face shield and 1 bottle alcohol spray 900ml.

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